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  1. At the current rate NSO is going either you or RV will be NSO emperor in a few months. You boys just sit tight with NSO. Turn around your mess before you even begin talking about others. There is no mess to turn around.
  2. Obviously, citing NS loss as a cause for celebration is OK for Penkala and his fellow truth-benders, but if we celebrate about not losing that much its obviously not ok..... Not hypocritical at all penkala, as always.
  3. Well we should be able to spot our own posts. Sometimes the truth we speak is just too much for the world though so we need to help others spot it.
  4. Useless, you'll just try denying it....because lets face it, no alliance likes being called out for being lapdogs.
  5. It pretty much was.....when it started at least.
  6. No one should ever consider iFOK to be an independent alliance. To do so would be a blatant lie.
  7. Indeed, we have a dutch man in our fold. Pesky Fake-Germans.
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