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  1. LOL WS, I was starting to think something was wrong in the universe and a major catastrophe was on the verge.
  2. Wow...I'm shocked. Three pages in and nobody dislikes this or has some smart ass comment. The world really is changing. As a member of one of the two signatories here, I like this treaty alot. o/ RnR o/ Valhalla o/ No smart ass comments
  3. Actually no, we've not had the pleasure of squaring off, so there are no unresolved issues on my end. I just think he runs his mouth too much when he should just be polite and walk away. If he, or anyone else for that matter has any issues, I'm not hard to find.
  4. Nice popularity contest. Most of the good leaders come from small alliances where they have to do more than act as a figure head. Like it or not most of the people in this list were only successful as leaders because the people they had doing the actual work.
  5. Not much to sell there. It appears it's already been ransacked a time or two.
  6. Enough whining from the masses Admin, flip the switch already please.
  7. Pretty low class when you have to troll a goodbye thread. Sad to see Pansy go. He was always a reliable laugh when you needed one.
  8. Sometimes in life a little lesson in humility must be taught. Roll on NG...roll on.
  9. Yeah...not so much from where I stood but hey it's over so let's all move back on topic. Hate to see allies head in opposite directions but sometimes it's necessary.
  10. They were singing the song of my people. I felt obliged to let them know they were off key. :awesome:
  11. Then don't practice it Neo. Whether anyone here agrees or not, it is not your decision or theirs to decide how any alliance is to proceed with their business. That's another of the big problems with this realm...Too many people trying to mind somebody else's business.
  12. Mighty big rock for somebody living in a glass house dude.
  13. If he's spying or cheating..absolutely. There's enough drama with the internet philosophers that post drivel on here without somebody trying to circumvent "fair play".
  14. Why did he have to be doing it for someone. When I was Grand Marshal at TTK a few years back, someone try some unsanctioned spying. We banished him, beat him down and told the other alliance what happened and exactly what our intentions were. We did exactly this, which is standard practice for TTK. I've never seen it announced but yeah, this is pretty much how it goes there. Good job outing him Teredona! Sometimes a public display IS needed.
  15. I'm not going to bother answering all of you who quoted me but do understand that you are reading things into what I said that just are not there. Speaking for me and me alone, I was happy when I was in Valhalla the first time. I was also happy in Ai, just not as happy as I was in Valhalla so I came back. There was no rift between myself and or anybody in Ai and there still isn't. If you find somebody who says there is, please send them my way so I can find out what it is that way we will all be on the same page. Otherwise, this line of discussion is really moot. It must be a really slow news day yet again where you folks live lol.
  16. Must be a slow news day for some of you when you have to sit and dream up scenarios that fit with your spradic thoughts on why we left. We told you, we wanted to come back to what we originally knew as home. There was no huge fight, no squabbling, nothing you people are trying to interject. We simply chose to come back to what we wanted. Nobody is in a rift with Ai nor is the reverse true. If you want to continue to think things like that feel free, it's only going to make you look like a fool since you seem to have issue taking us at our word. If you have issues trusting others who may be speaking the same language as me fine but know I have been in this world a long time and have never posted a lie about any situation that I was privy to and I have no intention of starting now. KS;DR - Move on kid, there's nothing to see here
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