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  1. LOL WS, I was starting to think something was wrong in the universe and a major catastrophe was on the verge.
  2. Wow...I'm shocked. Three pages in and nobody dislikes this or has some smart ass comment. The world really is changing. As a member of one of the two signatories here, I like this treaty alot. o/ RnR o/ Valhalla o/ No smart ass comments
  3. Actually no, we've not had the pleasure of squaring off, so there are no unresolved issues on my end. I just think he runs his mouth too much when he should just be polite and walk away. If he, or anyone else for that matter has any issues, I'm not hard to find.
  4. Nice popularity contest. Most of the good leaders come from small alliances where they have to do more than act as a figure head. Like it or not most of the people in this list were only successful as leaders because the people they had doing the actual work.
  5. Not much to sell there. It appears it's already been ransacked a time or two.
  6. Enough whining from the masses Admin, flip the switch already please.
  7. Pretty low class when you have to troll a goodbye thread. Sad to see Pansy go. He was always a reliable laugh when you needed one.
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