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Hasta La Bye Bye, Folks

Ashoka the Great

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It happened when I last received a gentle rebuke from the swords and shields of Admin. "I just don't care," is what entered my head, and I came to the sad conclusion that I'd not had any fun here in quite some time. And so I'm on my way.

I first signed up in mid-2006 at the suggestion of a LiveJournal friend. (He no longer plays CN, and I haven't used LJ since 2007. Go figure.) Since then I've belonged to many alliances, but for me the decision that had the greatest impact on my 'play' was joining NoV in May 2007. I may have strayed occasionally over the years, but I've always gone back to the same group of players. Norden Verein/Nordreich was and remains the most diverse group of people I've ever encountered in this game and I'll miss them very much. Oh sure, I'll be on NoR's community forum from time to time, but since May 2009 that forum has been something of a morgue. Can't imagine why.

I don't see much point in reviewing my career as kingzog/Ashoka the Great, although if I had to pick one moment that defined just how much CN invaded my life I'd have to say it was during a government meeting in NoV, when I announced that I had to leave for a while to ummm....you know.... *ahem* the missus and all that. About forty-five minutes later I was back in the .gov meeting, where I insisted that my absence and the reason for it be entered into the record. Good times.

I've met some great people along the way, but I'm going to avoid doing the 'shoutout' thing. It strikes me as just a bit silly, and besides....no matter how long I made the list, I'd almost certainly forget someone. If you think you would have been on it, you're probably right. And if you think you wouldn't be on it, you're most likely wrong.

I've had a number of people share extremely private and personal things with me, and I am humbled by the trust that was placed in me. (Although, as someone who studied to be a priest -- and yes, I really was a monk for a while -- keeping secrets is second nature to me.) Thank you.

Since 2006 I've left and come back a few times. I think the longest break I've taken was somewhere in the neighborhood of four months, ending just as the Karma War kicked off. With most of those departures I made a point of mentioning to someone that I'd likely be back before too long, but this 'goodbye' thread is a first for me. I've never made any kind of fuss over a previous departure, so I suppose this means that no, I will not be back and no, they do not always come back.

If I may be so bold as to provide a bit of parting advice, it would be to remember a quote from the French writer Anatole France: "If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing." We would all be wise to recall this from time to time.


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Hmm. This saddens me.

kingzog, despite being on probably complete opposite sides of political opinion, moral stances, and even in the treaty web in-game, I can't think of another person I've been more impressed by and most wanted to meet in RL for an afternoon of coffee and story swapping.

I'm pretty hardheaded, but you've been one of the few people to have swayed my opinion more than a handful of times. I think everyone could take a lesson from you in rational examination of issues, a need for broad and long-term perspective, and a calm, persuasive, voice in elucidating the results of such searching.

I hope you'll come back. You've got a lot to offer the young'uns.

Good luck where ever the winds take you.

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Wow. Thats crazy to think you are on your way out. I do appreciate you reaching out to me back in the day and I won't forget it. Hope you change your mind of course but best of luck wherever. Perhaps I should lurk the "morgue" with you. heh

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When I found out about this I was well and truly heartbroken. It's been a pleasure working along you, both as an ally in Nemesis, in RoK, and as blocmates in Mjolnir. I've always enjoyed your Canadianism and your quite well phrased posting style (you've led to many a slow burn on the forums for our mutual enemies :) ) and even though I never really agreed with you politically, I've always enjoyed discussing things with you.

CN will miss you. This place won't be the same without you.

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