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  1. Doom squad still exists? I though they went away years ago. Maybe I am thinking of somebody else. And I kind feel like the guys in the center of this are playing everybody around them. If so good on them for doing something.
  2. I am afraid nobody would notice and those that did would not care. And the lack of moralists and thus the outrage would also be missing. Oh how I miss the days of Bilrow chasing alliance off of Green, or ES loosing his !@#$ and attacking or threatening and alliance that would lead to a global war, or GATO proclaiming they did not recognize Polar as a separate alliance from Pacifica or some stupid alliance attacking some other alliance and bragging about to only be wrecked by most of Planet Bob. The never ending trolling of NPO and the flamefests and war that would result; Now you could troll NPO and it might be a month before they noticed if ever. Ah the good old days.
  3. Those are more like kittens not bullies. The bullies of this world are gone or asleep. This place could use a good shark week.
  4. Maybe you could put a warning in when you are being stupid on purpose so we know it is not your normal stupid.
  5. Somebody everybody, knows likes and respects for over a decade here. So kind of the opposite of you in everyway.
  6. A historical note, right before the Woodstock Massacre when it was clear the Continuum was preparing for a war, GATO asked for a meeting with Q leaders. For some reason they thought they were the target. They kept asking whey we would attack them to which we responded over and over what reason do you think we attack you for? The best we could get out them is that one of allies was spying on somebody in Q. Like who was not trying that. We never confirmed or denired they were the target so they so they would sweat it out for a day. We did not even bother looking into which ally was spying on us because if they were anywhere they would know GPA was the target. I mean OWF was filled with GPA drama. Also try making hot dogs in an air fryer, pre heat to 390, put in some dogs for 5 min, then put them back in for 1 min in their buns. Its life changing.
  7. I could have sworn I knew nothing about this war or had any part of it but a quick search found I did. I wonder how many wars I fought in over the years? https://forums.cybernations.net/topic/21148-tpf-declares-support/ Now I can proudly say I was part of this.
  8. I could reform TBBAF The Big Bad and Friends (would have been the name of the Continuum if I had my way) and then you could coup me and make all the announcements you want. Although I think the last time TBBAF was around we were at war with Gramlins when that guy was trying to force IRON into an unconditional surrender. I do not think he is around anymore.
  9. So I am now allied with NPO, IRON, NATO.... something about this seems familiar.
  10. I know nothing about Boondoggle other than people keep saying it is dead. So good luck whomever was in it.
  11. Well I do not think Bart Allen has been born yet, so who else is going to do it? It was Heaven and Boobish idea blame them they announced a new Flash,
  12. Congrats to Heaven and Boobish for promoting Wally West as the New Flash, Let us hope he fill the shoes of Barry and Jay in a.... wait for it.... flash.
  13. Nice to see Finster is still around. The first war I fought in beside IRON was the FAN war, I think IRON is one of the very few long lasting alliances I never fought against.
  14. I did that same thing once during Dow or DoS or something so I insisted it was a temp name change the The Federation of Phoenixes. Perhaps this is just an homage?
  15. Time to let this die I think. Not sure why it was brought back. Do not let this go the way of CDS. Start fresh
  16. NATO still exists with some older member, you might even gen and Anu sighting once a year. Other wise Claws and FTW are made up of mergers of tons of old half dead alliance's.
  17. Sorry about that somebody was suppose to sweep those ashes up, they keep reborning people.
  18. Half of me wants to livestream my glorious conquests on twitch, Bwwwaaaahahhhaaaaahaaaaa Maybe when your done with that you can stream some glorious conquest's of the local pre school in a spelling bee. Maybe you should put the video games down and try real life for a change. You are bragging about a Childs game. Now I am going to take my dogs for a walk on the beach and you should get outside as well.
  19. Pew pew pew come on you know want to dominate a bunch a 12 year olds pew pew pew, don't you want see Junka making children' cry? Or do you think they have outclassed him already and he needs our help?
  20. The poor state opposition trolling is a real problem.
  21. Good to see, it has been to long since The Bad man and Canik were allies.
  22. We killed Sparta awhile ago and the only active member they had left and formed his own alliance.
  23. This one is enough for everyone to cancel treaties with KoTR. I guess somebody had to step up and be Planet Bobs most annoying citizen, Jerdge knows of what he speaks.
  24. Welcome to the party RIA. Now help me get those damn kids off the lawn.
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