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  1. Congratulations to all on peace. Well fought, well earned. o/ CLAWS!
  2. X-Mas in summer, great! o/ Pacifica o/ CLAWS How strange, I've come full circle after all these years.
  3. A solid treaty with some solid cats. o/ GATO o/ CLAWS
  4. Thanks for the shelter many years ago. NG was the best kind of bully: unapologetic, unpredictable; struck terror in the hearts of many, enemies and allies alike. Have fun on the way out, don't forget to close the door.
  5. Oct. 2008. Saw some awesome events unfold from a worms-eye view and greatly enjoyed all the time spent. Some amazing politics and personalities. Great friendships forged and forgotten. Made some noise but few waves.
  6. Thank you. I like your avatar. As for the dispute in question, evey time I've had to sign non-victory papers, I generally have prefered to refer to it as "...being forced from the field." I find the martial tone helps ease the pain of, y'know, losing. That said, congrats to the participants on peace again.
  7. Your wobbling relativism disgusts me. There's only one kind of white. It's the white kind. No other. If there is any sort of noun, verb, adverb, or adjective attempting to appropriate whiteness by proximity, implication, or suggested relation to the word white, it is a farce of imitation, as they are only those objects as they are, and the whiteness they so attempt to associate themselves with is its own catogory of color. Period.
  8. I have no dog in this fight. The back and forth is pretty amusing, and I see good points on both sides, however, this I have to address... That's called using your political capital to insist to your allies the terms of your own engagement. You dictate the ground where you stand and fight- thus maximizing your successes and minimizing your losses. Perhaps not as glorius as a fullfrontal assualt, its pragmetisim can't be denied. While I won't say this about TOP in particular (though you might) some alliances are more blatently self-interested than others, and many won't even deny it. If one knows that and still treaties such an alliance, you can count on at least a token defense should you be losing, but a very powerful offense on your behalf if the tables are ever turned. (You just have to put up with their insistence to be involved in terms setting.) It might satisfy one's vanity, but you can't really expect an ally to throw themselves onto the fire for you if the outcome of defeat is already certain. Better to save them for next time when you have the upper hand. If there is no next time that invovles an upperhand, the allaince is incompent and deserves only token defense anyways. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Now that's something. I never assume that anything I send, especially to an outside force, even allies, is private. That way, I choose my words carefully. But, at least holding a grudge is a motivator. :mellow:
  10. Excellent. o/ NSO o/ Kashmir (Master Hakai is best Hakai) o/ the Javahouse Leauge (Max Power, come get your damned tech I've been saving forever) o/ Parrots, AI, Smurf, SRA, Legion and that other one sorry ran out of steam. peace
  11. *Edit: Complete reading comprehension fail. Yeah, uh, I suppose so.
  12. These lists bore me. If you're been around some, you see the same ones from the same people, if you haven't been around, then your selections lack historical perspective. Also
  13. A respectable post. A first war is a great test of the mettle of your membership.
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