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  1. How does this help anyone at all?
  2. Maybe ask Rupert Murdoch for some?

  3. No I just think that the actions of the DoJ will further unite the internet as a whole against the SOPA and PIPA bills and that anonymous will not have shot us in the foot by doing this.
  4. I kinda cheated by using a program on the internet, so nothing in the sig itself can be dynamic...unless I upload loads of pictures which change at a really high speed...you'd have to teach me :P

  5. At my peak I was running a modified 5BR set with over 14,000 infra, proven by the fact that I own a Scientific Development Center. To be honest, I've never even considered what resources I would select for myself. Likely Uranium (since I'm one of the few people in my alliance that can have nukes, it'd be necessary to have a constant supply to make up for it) and one of the 3BR/5BR crossover resources. I'd set myself up for infra buying till I hit like 8k+ or so, then switch over to an income set and start banking all kinds of mad cash. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
  6. Good to see some of us still have good taste in film, and I recognise that signature now (at the time it meant nothing to me...).

  7. Thanks, it's a quote from "The Usual Suspects" if you're interested, and yes, it's a young Kevin Spacey (one of my favourite actors, clearly :P).

  8. :)

    First profile view and first friend :)

  9. Friday I have German and Chemistry, then I'm going to see Bon Jovi the next day, then maybe interrailing :D

    Good to hear your's are finished! Hope everything went well (I'm sure it did)

  10. Oh dear. I didn't think he'd been spending it :P

  11. Alright, Yoss. Thanks for asking :)

    My A2's are beginning on the 13th though, so I'm trying to make sure those go fine atm :P

  12. So what's his warchest up to now?

  13. Lol, the morning I get on and start spamming, you're there to stop me.

    Yeah I'll go back to chemistry, mother :P

  14. Some of those "dilemmas" really weren't as complicated as you made them out to be...
  15. Label your axis, child. Awful formatting: 872 isn't even in millions, or thousands, it's in 10's of thousands...weird
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