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  1. I don't know what's more outlandish, his claim that his "leaving" is what killed CN, or comparing himself as an equal to Grub.
  2. in b4 he tries to recruit you to play tank games with him
  3. FTW continues to make excellent diplomatic moves 😜 o7
  4. I literally did ask you in February, and you were upset that Caustic was trolling TPF. That's pretty much it. You lost your little mind over some mean words on Discord. I ain't here to rehash the rest of the s***show, and generally, you aren't worth giving the time of day, I just wish you would have actually left gracefully when you said goodbye. Would have been better for you as much as anyone else.
  5. I haven't been following your whole thing, because unlike you, I was able to move on. But I'd like to point out, you always had the option of just not logging in for 30 days and letting your nation expire. Would have been more graceful. Instead, you decided to start digging through the bedrock. I dunno what to tell you, we remember the deeply personal s*** you did. So when you post s*** like: It just shows everyone that you have not grown and are likely incapable of growth, and that the apology tour was one big act. Not gonna lie, you had me fooled, and I thought you were going to exit gracefully. Instead, here you are. I suppose you had to leave me with one final disappointment.
  6. Just here to watch Kapleo mainline copium and try to make the thread all about himself. I think he's in the running to be the next Tywin or Hitchcock. But not if Al Bumby beats him to the punch.
  7. I was denied hitting 10m casualties because of you cowards. I have every right to be upset.
  8. Congrats CLAWS on picking up an alliance that sells its infra off rather than fight. Great things in the future for this partnership!
  9. Be thankful that they put this all in one announcement instead of three.
  10. I don't recall the last time someone had a take this far removed from reality. I can't even count all the ways this one single sentence is incorrect.
  11. One always hopes that people will learn lessons from the consequences they face, and use it as an opportunity to learn and become better individuals. That does not, of course, mean that he won't face the full consequences of his actions, and indeed, the learning opportunity requires those consequences.
  12. You are correct that it is not just about sanctions. You are mistaken about sanctions being the worst of his offenses; unfortunately, they don't even come close to the top of the list. Suffice to say, this is a rare case in this world where EZI is fully deserved.
  13. I eagerly await the posting of a formal surrender.
  14. Can I have some of these drugs as well?
  15. Sorry, Hakai, for being pissed I'm not getting to 10 million casualties this war, because your people choose to delete all their infra instead of nuke me.
  16. Really wish the guys I hit would fight back, so I could meet you down there, where the fun is. Hard to shed infra when most of you guys simply roll over and die.
  17. Sick treaty, questionable food choices.
  18. Hell, CK makes Hitchcock look like a damn saint. It is damn impressive. Also, thanks ❤️
  19. You won't be able to afford them when we are done with you, which will be in f***ing never.
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