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  1. John was a little crippled midget lesbian boy but he stood TEN FEET TALL WITH A KNIFE!

    And John said I am NOT the magma, I am NOT the crust

    and I shall EVOLVE. Where the rain had come down and it had WASHED on John.

    And he said that I will be a cigarette butt before it's all done with

    but they said NO! YOU are the flame itself and you shall burn pure

    in the South American Sky where the blooddogs worship the Stairway.



    And so brainlessly leglessly hairlessly the foil tip top of itself,

    had revealed to John that the QE2 luxury liner had extended out of John's left side

    And so it had preached to you in Mars with a saram backwards

    And upwardly they did Evolve, and downwards they fell

    like a thin sheet of waste product that would soon come to cover John's body.

    His body has no longer the pride to express himself

    and he could be the dog and the dog's eyes

    which had blood coming out like they were ropes around John's leg

    and PULLED HIM UP like he was a canoe himself!

    and he flew!

    like a live peasant himself, to the South America where he was in love.




  2. Well it's hardly a surprise to me but thanks for collating the information. It seems unlikely I will come into conflict with ODN, given my own peaceful nature, and their trajectory of rotting into nonexistence quickly, but the facts here are noted and should they be foolish and active enough to start something they will be taken into account before any quarter is offered. Also good to see you posting!
  3. Lyricalz does not provide an exhaustive and complete record, only a best effort record, as I understand it, and may indeed miss some activity. Presumably (hopefully!) Sentinel has access to a much more complete and reliable database. It's understandable that people get heated on the topic but everyone should try to avoid making unsubstantiated allegations against others when you do not know for sure.
  4. The bigger problem is most likely the new senate mechanics, which have allowed some nations to have 7 slots at times.
  5. Also you should realize that we dont need full on shooting wars to have drama. The possibility of war helps build drama - the actual occurrence of it can be quite rare and limited without weakening the drama. These big wars are spectacles of the absurd anyway. Ritual destruction, brute destruction, for no reason or the lowest of reasons. I guess I can understand how they could be entertaining to a subset of players, but kind of like sausages, once you've seen the way they are made, your appetite for them tends to die quickly.
  6. Entertainment? I have never found these things entertaining. How could anyone find them entertaining? Nauseating is more like it.
  7. CA: Pound for pound the most fun you can have in CN.

  8. So, back on point. If you don't like it, do something about it. Join a micro, or make your own. Quit waiting for other people to make the game interesting, do it yourself (or if you feel less ambitious, seek out one of the pariahs that is already doing so - we are usually grateful for help.)
  9. facebook.com (plus about two dozen more hosts) facebook solved.
  10. Everybody complains but when someone tries to do something about it we are pilloried. 'Community' is getting the boredom it deserves.
  11. The walls of oppression and humiliation cannot be demolished except in a rain of boomerangs

  12. :facedesk: I am trying so very hard to believe that you are sincere but that is so far from the truth it's hard. Walsh not only refused to take any action whatsoever in regards to dre4m, he then sent two more nations in after him, and posted public statements that we perceived as taunts and which he himself later admitted he might have perceived as such in our position as well. We made every effort over a period of time to work something out and he just kept pushing us instead. Then when the brown civil war ended and everyone agreed to peace - he sent more attacks instead. So did everyone but Walsh, and TDE and whoever else he was talking to in the shadows of course. *EVEN DRE4M* - to the best of my knowledge and it's possible he lied to us but I wont presume it - even DRE4M himself agreed to end it there and gave his word. Shortly later the same day Walsh overruled them. Unfortunately there is little that can be done about that. I was able to offer Walsh at an earlier point my personal guarantee that no one on my side would do that but he was not interested then, and at this point there's been so much provocation from your side I could no longer guarantee any such thing. So at this point y'all have no option but to eat it. And I feel bad for you but not at all in any way like that is my fault. The long term consequences for us are quite ok. You have to remember, at this point about 99% of the damage that can be done to us has been done. We are on the ramparts and we can easily kill your soldiers by simply dropping rocks off the edge. It's quite an amazing fortress, and very well supplied - we've worked tirelessly and with some efficiency for years to prepare for just such a siege, in fact. As long as y'all keep throwing troops at us and insulting us in the forums we have no problem killing your troops and returning your insults. The end of 2015? What do you think is going to be any different in 4 months, except for the increasingly elevated level of desperation among our attackers?
  13. When you are talking about ways to end an aggressive war from your side against mine and you don't even spend a single sentence on any option that doesnt involve exterminating us, I think it's appropriate to point that out.
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