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  1. [quote name='King Death II' timestamp='1340513299' post='2994199'] 2nd unexpected DoW of this war Yo Non Grata, Im really happy for you, Imma let you finish but tR had the best unexpected preempt of this war [/quote] You need to be away from the public eye for a bit longer. We have not stopped laughing yet.
  2. [quote name='Balder' timestamp='1341185208' post='3001404'] I remember when we debated CB's or whether events were legitimately in the right or not. Now we just argue over the definition or what qualifies as a curb stomp. It's a brave new world. [/quote] You bring her flowers, arrive in a Jaguar, take her to Broadway... she does not call back. Maybe a bike, beer and a titty bar will work. Its all about different vectors of approach.
  3. The Kriegsmarine sends you their best compliments and the joy of a normal life. Farewell.
  4. What would be the point of it? a social club of sorts?
  5. [quote name='Sweeeeet Ronny D' timestamp='1340890377' post='2999316'] I guess you aren't better than that, that's disappointing. [/quote] You really need to lighten up and read it in the right context.
  6. [quote name='Cornelius' timestamp='1340856692' post='2999021'] If you're referring to the PB-NpO War, then there's a clear difference. Namely that Taut led us to believe that RoK would fight on our side, and later went back on his word. By contrast, our allies knew our likely course of action from the beginning of this conflict. Had Taut told us from the beginning that RoK planned to defend NpO in that war, then that war may never have happened. We certainly valued our ties to RoK more than pursuing a spy, and we could've worked something out with NpO. The "word is my bond" is the key part in
  7. [quote name='Sweeeeet Ronny D' timestamp='1340855687' post='2999009'] AvT, come on now you are better than that. [/quote] You know me, you ought to be able to understand what i meant. Seriously now. Tell me this, how does it feel to be able and willing to help out an ally who is outnumbered and needs that help? How does it feel to be willing and able to rush to help your beleaguered ally while knowing it will not end well for your own self? How does it feel to know that you would not change a thing about this decision given the same situation, regardless of hindsight? Tell me Virid
  8. Well now. Defending one ally, while the rest of your allies are on the other side of the conflict? You horrible horrible miscreants.
  9. [quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1340603183' post='2995534'] [color="#0000FF"]I can force nothing upon anyone. I can, however, help to pay back SF for their many crimes.[/color] [/quote] The criminal scum!!! Now is the time when we shall make them pay for .. umm, for what exactly?
  10. That is one big ass declaration of war and with rationale too. In this day and age, you do not need to provide your reasoning. Just hit the first thing going past. Apparently it is more fun that way. But hey, whatever gets you your jollies. Good Luck.
  11. rapidshare. Upload the mp3, people can download and listen to them.
  12. It all boils down to what people are willing to tolerate and overlook for ingame considerations. While an alliance might not wish to associate itself with people who indulge in OOC attacks, there would also be an alliance which will convince itself that since it is OOC it has no bearing on the ingame stuff. More so if they see a possible ebenefit in the association with the entity in question. What HOT is doing here is making an appeal to the supposed inherent decency in humans. Which we have seen to be easily pushed to the background alongside the conscience and the idea of fair play, on a r
  13. [quote name='Delta1212' timestamp='1340279958' post='2991741'] Now? Really? This is the moment you choose? [/quote] I have had one foot out the door for almost 5 months now, since the biodad thing, it just took this long to get rid of the tech. Also, what is so special about this moment?
  14. [center][center][code]Nation Created: 4/17/2008 4:01:08 PM (1,526 days old)[/code][/center][/center] On that sombre note, we start this topic. Yes i believe it has been slightly longer than 4 years that i have been in and around Cybernations. For one, my ISP had better send Admin some dollars since he charges me per byte, it sure feels like per byte. If had been someone else telling me they played a game daily for the past 4 years i would look at them funny and with concern. I might even dial an emmergency/addiction helpline to get them some help. I cannot think of any other game that has h
  15. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1340273694' post='2991691'] Awww, RoK and NATO love. Reminds me of CDT days [/quote] I really need to fix my AA on here, but its just too much effort.
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