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  1. rapidshare. Upload the mp3, people can download and listen to them.
  2. It all boils down to what people are willing to tolerate and overlook for ingame considerations. While an alliance might not wish to associate itself with people who indulge in OOC attacks, there would also be an alliance which will convince itself that since it is OOC it has no bearing on the ingame stuff. More so if they see a possible ebenefit in the association with the entity in question. What HOT is doing here is making an appeal to the supposed inherent decency in humans. Which we have seen to be easily pushed to the background alongside the conscience and the idea of fair play, on a routine basis. The thought that someone would actually give up something that benefits them over a moral matter, is laudable, but it is also laughable. I have yet to see anyone make a value call and disadvantage themselves, specially if the others are still sitting pretty and not making similar value calls. Nobody likes being the first and most likely [from what they perceive] the only one to break ranks with a strong group and possibly damage everything they have worked for, for so long, whether it be power, security for their members or just the right to go riding roughshod over everyone else. Then there is the entire thing about being willing to overlook character defects in those one considers to be friends. No, this place is not ever going to be free of protection/support/encouragement that is available for the people who get their jollies harassing others beyond the pale.
  3. Filter Coffee for me, its the best.
  4. The Longest Day A bridge too far Kingdom of Heaven Das Boot
  5. Not really interested [well not as interested as in Amalur] . But yeah, i will ping you whenever i am next on.
  6. Now look here. my recollection of the info i was given regarding the issue [yes i was not directly involved] is that UPN was about to lose their forums and bros helped them retain them. So in that light, i cannot fault him for helping. If it was UPN, and it was their forums, then their request puts him in the clear. If as you say, he violated someone's property rights in order to do it, then of course it is not good. The only way that could occur though is if the person that owned the forums wanted to screw over UPN, was that the case? I have faced a situation in the recent past, which involved making me chose between the needs of the many and one person's property [forums]. I picked property rights. Even when i knew that the one person who owned the forums would not object. It is one of the first things you learn before working on others' behalf dealing with their property. Think of it as being a manager in a company owned by someone else. Or a groundskeeper on an estate. You work to their benefit with their permission, within the bounds set by them. It does not matter, if there is no remuneration involved, as in the case of managing someone's forums on CN. The pay here is not money or even ingame tech/money, but something more important. The pay here for managing someone's forums is in the form of trust and respect. So to recap, if bros, or anyone, trespassed and intruded where they were not permitted to enter, yes they screwed up.
  7. I'm not sure if you think saying things like this is actually helping your cause any, but either way please do continue.To say this is entertaining does not even begin to describe.There is a difference between one abuse of trust and using malicious code to gain unlawful entry to portions of a website"I attempted to log into the control panel of the website and was unsuccessful in my multiple attempts. As a result of these failed attempts, I switched computers and tried to access the forums. Through a streak of luck, I was able to do so."You were able to use a 'streak of luck' to regain access to an account I had disabled/removed.Yep. Lucky.Regarding Recent Events That is one of the good things bros has done in his time here. I would not fault him for that. edit: dangit bros.
  8. I always advise ignoring any references to the status beyond the boundaries of this realm. It never helps to counter it here. Its like wrestling with a pig in the mud.
  9. Roq is also trying very hard to make it about Roq and not about the issue.Sorry Gopher, i view that thread as a totally unrelated issue. Think of it as one of the many doctrines we have floating around. Moldavi, Stewie, Tygaism... you know. That this doctrine/manifesto surfaced at this time seems to be a coincidence to me.You consider it a mere coincidence that less than 12 hours after posting screenshots of the allegations against bros, Roq posts his political manifesto while he's the center of attention and everyone's watching what he's saying? You can't be serious. It does not have anything to do with the spying thing. So in light of that, and the point i was trying to make about the thread in question, it is not very pertinent. Add to that that this is not the first time i have heard of the manifesto points...
  10. Umm, too much information guys. Take it to PM please. Edit too.
  11. Roq is also trying very hard to make it about Roq and not about the issue. Sorry Gopher, i view that thread as a totally unrelated issue. Think of it as one of the many doctrines we have floating around. Moldavi, Stewie, Tygaism... you know. That this doctrine/manifesto surfaced at this time seems to be a coincidence to me. I paid about as much attention to this doctrine as i did to the others I mentioned. Well to be honest i paid a hell lot more attention to the Stewie doctrine than any others, about 10 minutes. The only thing such doctrines inspire me to do is to try and cook up a bunch of common-sense statements, call it a doctrine and stick my name to it. It would be cool for about 10 mins i guess.
  12. Its good for you, give you time to contemplate "i want you to go to your room and think about what you did". And no, you cant have that hand lotion.
  13. Do you feel that the initial presentation and the follow-through contained enough of a punch? Are you satisfied with the event management methodology? Would you have done it differently? Was it a well run campaign? If it is not the entire campaign, do you think it is a good start to a campaign? Yes, no body is saying otherwise. If the blog post ended up implying otherwise, you have my apologies. The point i am trying to make here is that inspite of having been factually proved correct [in once instance, which really ought to be enough for a 'OMG SPIEZ!!!' reaction], the way the event unfolded and the sapling over-watered, nothing major came of it in the short term at the very least. Long term impacts to be seen if and when they come about.
  14. Also, was that Brehon ranting on the show about old people doing old !@#$ all the time and nothing new happening due to the old dudes doing old !@#$ all the time? That was a good rant. Regardless of the subject matter, i appreciate a good rant when i hear one. It was good enough to make me want to buy him a round f his fav libation. idk, maybe i wills end him 5o tech instead.
  15. My thoughts about your [bros the person] actually doing this in UPN's case, are not a matter for public debate and consumption, i will someday take them up with you. I heard you speak, i tuned out during Roq's talk, and have not heard anything after Roq came on.For some reason i found it difficult to hear him. I understand that you attributed it to a momentary lapse in judgement and that it is a temptation to which you succumbed [although you did once say you accidentally clicked the link]. I understand all of that, however it does not detract from the fact that you then proceeded to make use of the information. The point is this. You messed up. You bros the nation ruler, an MK member and occasional gov [idk] type fellow spied on an alliance, obtained the data and then gave it to others. It goes to establish the basis for Roq being factually correct in his assertion in at-least one scenario. Your confession or acceptance of the UPN incident puts paid to those that said MK did not spy. As for NSO and RoK, i do not really care about whether they find any impropriety in the way their forums and data was accessed, wither by you or by others using your credentials, as has been alleged by Roq [leet accessing RoK boards with your creds]. The reason i made this blog entry was not about whether bros spied or not, it was more about an opportunity for something happening being lost due to the fact that the parties directly transgressed against [allegedly in case of NSO and RoK] are either not bothered or not feeling upto it, respectively. The one instance you owned up to, seemingly forgave you. Add to that the fact that the expose was ill managed and the discussion has the look of trying to chase rabbits over a grass plain while riding a pogo stick with a bllindfold on. It is more a critique on how the show was managed, rather than on the actual script of the show.
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