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  1. Martens, check the Fall Widukind convo. Also please come to IRC.

  2. Although I like the 2nd idea first, it should be changed to "And small alliances at least are able to get one territory by default" so not to exclude them. To still benefit the stronger alliances, they get to pick territories first, and then the little ones take from the leftovers. Also NoR has dibs on Berlin, Norway and Northern Germany (Depending on how much of it we can occupy.
  3. You didn't friend me, so I unfriend you.


  4. Lulz, sir. You are full of them.

  5. Haha, I called you a scumbag.

  6. Lol, there sure are a lot of n00bz these days aren't there

  7. BDC eh? Well, I'm registered at the Neu NoR, so can you establish some form of IM so we can talk about some things in the future? Also, how's it been?

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