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  1. Logically, you should have the satellite improvement and Space Program wonder. Or that is what I thought at least.
  2. Likewise, happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday... Too! :)

  4. Happy Birthday... Too! :)

  5. [img]http://i.imgur.com/KN6LL.gif[/img] This threads recent trend...
  6. [quote name='Yawoo' timestamp='1341692469' post='3006115'] Re-read the logs, Subtle. He is being unreasonable. He just rolled into North American and is now acting like an @#$ with a new RPer, who by all accounts is one of the better ones we've had recently considering he's did all his research prior to setting up shop. Beyond this, he's actually incorporating history unlike many new RPers. As far as precedent, mind explaining where is OY's precedent considering he isn't even a year RP old in his nation? Edit: Okay, even with OY wanting to re-roll - it's still a matter of fighting it or fig
  7. [quote][[01:55] <Owned-You> Anyways, what do you have in mind in terms of the New York story? Since your a new player here with some potential I want to work with you to create a good story. [01:56] <Westaxe> Well I read your DoE today. Unfortunately, I see your potentially nation and mine as polar opposites [01:57] <Westaxe> Members of the Founders served in the old Pravus Ingruo government, for my story, and therefore would have knowledge of the deals the former Empire made with corporations such as MediaCorp. [01:57] <Westaxe> So they would be exceptionally wary o
  8. As has been noted earlier. We'll be handling it through IC means. I've begun setting up the narrative from my own end using up the stuff I'd been planning previously. Westaxe, I'll look for you on IRC so we can discuss how the story unfolds and set up a good narrative for this all to play out.
  9. Welcome to CNRP, I'm glad to see another interested player coming to join it. However, I had already made arrangement to RP in New York. As you noted, it is customary to request the lands from their protectors in an OOC fashion before declaring things IC'ly. Hence why I must ask you to cease your roll there... with that being said we could RP some stuff there to make an interesting story between us. Just look for me on IRC if you're interested.
  10. [quote name='Charles Stuart' timestamp='1341445638' post='3003656'] Except USBR. Nobody would want his lengthy posts backs [/quote] Pssssh, USBR may as well have been Philosophers doppelganger...I'd welcome either of them at this point.
  11. [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1340771769' post='2997931'] Supporting MK by saying other people is taking things too seriously, is just ridiculously backwards. There may be no other alliance here that takes CN as seriously as MK. [/quote] [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/cool.gif[/img] yeah man.
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