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  1. Likewise, happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday... Too! :)

  3. Happy Birthday... Too! :)

  4. [center][font="Arial Black"][size="5"]The Kingdom of New Spain[/size][/font][/center][center][img]http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj47/Phoenix-Owned/NewSpainFlag.jpg[/img][/center][center] [/center] [font="Arial Black"] [center][size="3"]Royal Bourbon Crest[/size][/center][/font][center][img]http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj47/Phoenix-Owned/BourbonCoatofArms.png[/img][/center][b][font="Arial Black"]Government Style[/font][/b] Absolute Monarchy with Lesser Representative Governance [b]The Royal Family[/b] King Enrique Bourbon I (38) Lord Emilo Bourbon (29) Prince Francisco Bourbon (23) Princes Christine Bourbon (20) Princess Victoria Bourbon (16) [b]The High Court (Appointed)[/b] Lords Steward: Emilo Bourbon Lord Commander: Henri Garcia Lord Treasurer: Maximo Fernandez Lord Diplomat: Ignacio de Soto Lord Justice: Charles Sanchez Lord Speaker: Joaquin Lopez [b]The Lesser Court (Elected)[/b] Chief Representative: Javier Chavez Senator: Antonio Medina Senator: Hector Ortiz Senator: Miguel Vega Senator: Omar Moreno Senator: Gabriel Ramos [font="Arial Black"][size="2"][b]Important Information[/b][/size][/font] [b]Capital:[/b] Mexico City [b]Population[/b]: 240,843,946 [b]Age Distribution[/b]: 13% (0-18) 84% (18-55) 3%(55-100) [b]State Religion[/b]: Catholicism [b]State Languages[/b]: English & Spanish [b]Currency[/b]: Spanish Dollar (Domestic) / Bancor (Foreign) [b]GDP[/b]: 6.2 Trillion Dollars [b]Tax Rate[/b]: 30% [b]Demographic[/b]: 60% Mestizo, 17% Latin, 15% American, 8% French [font="Arial Black"][b]Treaties[/b][/font] [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=102621&st=0&gopid=2752014&#entry2752014"]Athenian Federation MADP[/url] [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=102621&st=0&gopid=2752014&#entry2752014"]United Federation of the East MADP[/url] [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=107479"]Commune of France MDoaP[/url] [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=108382"]The Union Bloc[/url] [font="Arial Black"][b] [/b][/font] [font="Arial Black"][b]National Wonders[/b][/font] [quote] [b]Agriculture Development Program[/b]: Utilizing advanced genetically modified plants and soil has created a new method for the farming and planting of foods in New Spain which has revolutionized the farming process in the land by increasing yield by 200% and increasing the healthiness of produce eliminating the need for pesticides and impurities in crops. [b]Integrated Defense Network[/b]: Various anti-air laser and missile facilities have been constructed at various points within New Spain with an integrated network of the most advanced sensors and equipment needed to detect movement of air-craft that would otherwise be hidden from standard radar through the use of radar absorbing materials. In unison similar facilities have been constructed along coast-lines with capabilities of repelling sea-borne invasion craft and warships up to a range of 100 miles of the New Spain coastline. Additions to the network will be added over time. [b]Spanish Intelligence Agency[/b]: A robust intelligence agency has been established in order to serve the Kings will in covert operations and national defense measures. Due to the nature of the agency very little is known at this time... [b]Spanish Relief Agency[/b]: The King has officially sponsored the creation of the SRA to oversee civilian reconstruction efforts, food and housing, and other social welfare efforts to improve the living conditions of New Spain. [b]Fallout Shelter System[/b]: An expansive system of nuclear shelters have been constructed within major population centers within New Spain. Detailed specifications are unavailable at this time. [b]The Royal Museum[/b]: A large facility has been built within the capital to hold various works of art, literature, and science for the viewing pleasure of the Citizens of New Spain. [b]The Cathedral Of God: [/b]A majestic cathedral has been constructed to honor the lord savior of the King and man under Catholic faith. [b]The University of Guadalajara[/b]: Serves as a bastion of thinking within New Spain producing many technological advances in various fields. Albeit it is not without controversy at times clashing with the church over many issues. [b]Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo[/b]: Various silos have been constructed throughout the nation housing nuclear ICBM's in hidden locations to maintain launching capabilities in case of nuclear conflict. [b]Internet[/b]: In a modern economy and world, the internet use has become as common as speaking, eating, or sleeping. Recognizing this as a motive the government has constructed land-lines to every building in New Spain offering unprecedented internet access. [b]National Transportation System[/b]: An initiative has begun to expand roads to every city, town, and village in New Spain constructing vast interstate road-ways to connect major areas of importance as well as expanding air and harbor facilities to increase the amount of viable traffic and capability. [b]Manhattan Project[/b]: A massive undertaking was completed to restart nuclear facilities with New Spain to produce nuclear power and weaponized nuclear materials. [b]Mining Industry Consortium[/b]: Previously a variety of companies vied for mining rights on lucrative national resource fields, most of these companies however lacked the technology to efficiently maintain mining standards leading to a monopoly being formed under General Dynamics INC. Employing advanced mining technology and techniques they have increased output by 158%. [b]Mexico Film Industries[/b]: A pioneering group has formed leading the way for New Spain film arts producing a plethora of films and propaganda pieces to complement the Bourbon dynasty as well as entertain citizens. [b]Moon Facilities[/b]: New Spain proudly holds a colony of over 7000 citizens in Space planting it's banner in the name of New Spain while simultaneously managing and maintaining a mining operation and space-base for further lab testing and space exploration. [b]Royal Research Lab[/b]: Serves as the largest single research facility in New Spain, housing the largest concentration of lab equipment to serve a variety of testing. It further serves as the largest producer of pharmaceuticals in the country while also leading the way in psychological, biological, research. [b]National War Memorial[/b]: A massive area just outside of the capital has been set aside to serve as the grounds for a series of monuments to be erected in honor of the nations fallen soldiers. Every war shall be honored with a monument towards it's debtors. [b]Nuclear Power Plant[/b]: 20 Generation 4 Nuclear power plants have been constructed at varying location within New Spain to provide clean, available energy to cities within the nation. Due to their technology radioactive waste can be recycled into a less harmful isotopes and generally given to the military to produce depleted uranium shells. [b]Pentagon[/b]: New Spain has a central military complex used to serve as a main junction in the delegation and orders of their various military branches. It is located under-ground in an undisclosed location somewhere within the country. [b]Social Security System[/b]: A robust social security system is in place for retiring or disabled citizens in New Spain to continue functioning with a generous pension and health-care. [b]Space Program[/b]: The New Spain Space Agency (NSAA) is tasked with seeing the exploration of space, designing space-based equipment and technology, as well as overseeing Space based colonies in New Spain. It is centered within Guadalajara. [b]Strategic Defense Initiative[/b]: New Spain posses an array of measures to cast a protective umbrella over the country from Nuclear ordinance culminated within the Strategic Defense agency. [b]Stock Market[/b]: Located within Guadalajara the economic capital of the nation is host to various banking and market functions strengthening the nation through international and domestic trading. [b]Universal Health Care[/b]: Due to the expansive economy of New Spain it has afforded it's citizens with Universal Health Care by instituting a general tax that is subsidized by the government that allows it's citizens to buy into generous plans of insurance and medical coverage. [b]Weapons Research Complex[/b]: Somewhere within New Spain there is a massive facility designated towards creating military tech for the sole use of New Spanish military officials and usage.. [/quote] [font="Arial Black"][b]Military Statistics[/b][/font] Total Amount of Active Duty Personal: 1,080,320 -Royal Army: 700,000 -Royal Marines: 340,000 -Royal Special Forces: 40,320 Total Amount of Reserve Duty Personal: 10,500,000 -Royal Army: 8,500,000 -Royal Marines: 2,000,000 Royal Air Force Total Fighter: 960 Total Bombers: 300 Royal Navy Total Ships: 96 -Aircraft Carrier: 7 -Submarines: 35 -Destroyers: 8 -Frigates: 8 -Battleships: 7 -Cruisers: 7 -Landing Ships: 10 -Corvettes: 10 Strategic Weapons: 25
  5. All Hail the Republic of Tornado Alley.
  6. At this point, barring changes to the team mechanics. No we won't...all of our fiefdoms on blue work with each other contently; and there isn't any reason for us to put any more effort to a united blue then we already do...which is.
  7. It's perfectly fine to protect whatever you wish to protect. The only question lies in if you have the political capital to make those claims worth anything. Lastly, \m/ is a terrible alliance.
  8. Owned-You

    A Blog Is Born

    I've only gone from the numbers derived from the World demographics page gentlemen. Of course there are those whom couldn't be of pure-blood CN'er like myself, but to each his own. (I never re-rolled...I probably should have when I was small with my resources, but by the time I figured that out it was too late!) PS. Hello KZ.
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