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  1. Likewise, happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday... Too! :)

  3. Happy Birthday... Too! :)

  4. All Hail the Republic of Tornado Alley.
  5. At this point, barring changes to the team mechanics. No we won't...all of our fiefdoms on blue work with each other contently; and there isn't any reason for us to put any more effort to a united blue then we already do...which is.
  6. It's perfectly fine to protect whatever you wish to protect. The only question lies in if you have the political capital to make those claims worth anything. Lastly, \m/ is a terrible alliance.
  7. Owned-You

    A Blog Is Born

    I've only gone from the numbers derived from the World demographics page gentlemen. Of course there are those whom couldn't be of pure-blood CN'er like myself, but to each his own. (I never re-rolled...I probably should have when I was small with my resources, but by the time I figured that out it was too late!) PS. Hello KZ.
  8. Owned-You

    A Blog Is Born

    The Raw Orange In the beginning, there was admin a young man full of aspirations, ideas, and time. Admin didn't have much money, but for the lack of wealth he made up for it with a revolutionary concept. An idea so ground breaking at the time that over 420,073 users have been affected since that auspicious moment; and those numbers continue to grow by the minute. Admin gave us Cybernations, and from that warm e-stew that formed the landscape of this land came Owned-You. Now, the old wise veteran of countless wars, political mischief, and other shenanigans seeks to bring you the reader an unfiltered look into the world as he see's it. Now do you dare to give it a bite?
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