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  1. This brings a smile to my face. Congrats my friends!
  2. Whether it's a good or bad thing depends on your perspective on the issue. If you're a talented person and want to be involved in politics but cannot do so due to having too many above you or a bad stigma associated with your native alliance then creating a new alliance is a solid avenue towards filling that need. On the other hand if you're a die hard member of an alliance and you see a couple of your best and brightest leaving in the aftermath of a hard war then you'll be damaged by it and view it negatively. What it boils down to is personal ambition and sense of ownership...everyone fancies themselves a King and better yet, a King of something they crafted. As evident by the number of alliances that crop up annually it doesn't matter if that throne sits on a major alliance or micro. Although from the perspective of someone whose had his fill on creating alliances I can say that most of them don't survive for the sheer fact that they don't reach the critical numbers of active membership needed... most take shape with a handful of people to drive things but 15 or more are needed to create a stable long term grouping. Still it is nice to see new themes crop up and faces in positions to break the monogamy that older power players have on politics. So I don't mind it.
  3. You held the Kingdom afloat when the world was at your throats IC. You did a hell of a job considering you guys are still standing. Best of luck to Rsox and the rest of you on this transition. Though I doubt you'll need it with this capable lineup! o7
  4. Interesting...I can't say I expected this theme. You'll always be Valhalla in my heart! Good luck.
  5. It's strange to fathom a Nordland without Vincent in charge. Best of luck with the transition.
  6. Mr. Chimaera I represent a clientele that would be very interested in speaking with you with regards to a group of services...services that only a man with a vast technical background such as yourself is capable of providing. With Love, United Owns Talent Services
  7. Congrats on the new lineup my friends.
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