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  1. I just spent 15 minutes typing out a long response, only to get a "no permission" thing from the forum. Sorry, jerdgy. EDIT: In short, CBs used to serve the purpose of political justification for a war. IMO, the definition of a CB is an action committed by the defending alliance which allows the attacking alliance to assert that the defending alliance committed the first aggressive or unconscionable act and thus should be the one held responsible for the war. What a good CB really does is give alliances who do not want to defend the defending alliance a chance to save their skins without faci
  2. Bad breath, it was definitely bad breath. Smooth had a horrible gingivitis problem back then.As for the rest, well, I'm not quite sure how to reply to a post with this title from you, so I won't. What a disappointing reply. I can only assume this means that you did not find anything in the OP to be contestable
  3. I have to echo Prodigal Moon's sentiment. If most CN alliances would stop sitting on their thumbs and grow a pair, our political dynamics would be infinitely more exciting.
  4. Dang it, jerdge has made a post on my favorite topic. I'm sorry I will not be able to reply now due to a midterm exam in 25 minutes, but I'll be back
  5. [quote name='rsoxbronco1' timestamp='1341613432' post='3005144'] Sardonic: He's not on PZI Starfox: So he's on PZI? Stonewall: I'm on PZI!! [/quote] I lol'd, but yes it is PZI, and for the record Starfox was before Sardonic, making the reality of the conversation less hilarious than the narrative in your post
  6. [quote name='Starfox101' timestamp='1341609597' post='3005066'] Ah, so he is PZI until he pays you? [/quote] Yes, he and I are both currently enjoying status on that list. It's quite fun
  7. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1341527552' post='3004209'] What are you even talking about? That was obviously a sarcastic post. [/quote] I'm well aware
  8. [quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1341526250' post='3004175'] im sorry thank u for ur mercy! [/quote] Tone it down a notch, you're trying too hard.
  9. [quote name='Vanilla Napalm' timestamp='1341292443' post='3002315'] Well, There we have it. Not only have MK redefined the game 08-onwards, they have effectively redefined the human capacity to communicate. People used to say "NPO won the game", but god damn if they were just a drop in the pond compared to the current eternal hegemony. Congrats MK, you are not only worse than NPO but you are literally Hitler. [/quote] See what I mean, Archon? TIme to do this sad song and dance VN, you're insulted I named Neo Uruk the worst poster on your side instead of you, aren't you? That's cute. I'm
  10. [quote name='Archon' timestamp='1341286665' post='3002117'] Truth be told, I just wanted to waste some time. But this is just depressing. Back in 06-07 we had to actually try and make points. You people are just pathetic. It's nothing but opinion-as-fact or trying desperately to sell !@#$%^&* as reality. Dear god. How I long for Josef Thorne, Philosopher, or even !@#$@#$ Z'ha'dum at this point. [/quote] That's a failure of your tenure as top dogs, Archon. When NPO's side sent out posters, they conducted themselves with a sense of self-respect, and long-winded discussions were as meanin
  11. [quote name='Melancholy Culkin' timestamp='1341251605' post='3001846'] I just checked, 14k tech from an alliance with 16k tech is significant no matter how much they had before the war. [/quote] It didn't have to be paid by tech-laden nations, so 14k tech = 420 million. Not horrible, I suppose, but still much more punitive than I like to see for reparations from an alliance that entered the war defensively (which was the case if I recall).
  12. [quote name='rsoxbronco1' timestamp='1341124577' post='3001066'] I'm not sure what's funnier...that you say MK was granted mercy because NPO didn't give us the FAN treatment, or that you compare us to NPO and then say we can't keep talking about how bad NPO was compared to MK. Who says MK members are the only posters with a sense of irony! Maybe we're just the only ones who see it. [/quote] It's pretty simple, rsox, that "We're not as bad" is just an admission of guilt. [quote name='Archon' timestamp='1341129601' post='3001086'] And then I'll add a comment about it really wasn't al
  13. [quote]...the fact that Moo didn't have **** to do with anything. MK was a GOONS project, through and through, and built with the specific intent to help oppose the Orders (see: Unjust War). There are three people whose "mercy" allowed those on ZI lists to get off of them and eventually helped MK form: banned member, DarkSol, and Helsbecter. That's not to say NPO wasn't willing to get me off the ZI list (in return for my service), but it was Dilber who led that effort, not Moo. I actually remember a screen of Ivan flipping pretty bad that Moo would have let GOONS do this, which leads me to...
  14. SCY, I'm joining you in this. I like to say, similarly, "I got a (bag, frocket, etc, depending what I have on me at the time) full of my $%&@s. You're... just not getting any of my $%&@s. I refuse to give them." I played CN that way before, and it's always been the best time I've had here, so I'm down to do it again. Also, when you're in the bar, if you're confident, you're in any girl's "league." Notice nice guys say "girls always end up with !@#$%bags!"? It's because !@#$%bags are cocky sons of !@#$%*es, but you don't have to be a d-bag to be confident; you just have to realize if
  15. [quote name='Cotillion' timestamp='1341097384' post='3000796'] woosh, the sound of facetiousness and sarcasm going well over your heads into the stratosphere once again [/quote] I don't think you people even know what sarcasm is. FYI, it's when you say something so utterly ridiculous that it's apparent you mean the opposite. If every time you use "sarcasm," nobody can tell, then it's not "going over our heads," you just have !@#$%* sarcasm. You claimed your alliance was founded by ZI targets and spies. What could be the "real" meaning if that post was sarcastic? Your alliance was founded b
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