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  1. Good to see such an honorable action on behalf of TFO.
  2. Well I'm no fancy big city lawyer, I'm just a simple, back-country chicken in a suit. But it seems to me that this whole situation is being escalated, in a sincere apology thread no less, to levels that seem to indicate ulterior motives. Also I'm back, Hi!
  3. What? How is NoR supposed to sign TTK and betray NG now?? Meth get in here right away and set this right.
  4. I did more than enough already for a single nation, picking fights that weren't retardedly one sided, you know that thing you don't do ever...
  5. Can someone do something that means something....this is bad and everyone involved should feel bad
  6. Maybe Sengoku should join the war? Oh too soon?
  7. I refuse to acknowledge this as a war until Junka and Methrage have a 12 page fight over nothing
  8. Islam isn't a race you asinine fool. It's an idea and people can disagree with a goddamn idea and the people who believe it all day long and not be racist.
  9. Never forget. I remember when Emperor Khan was viciously attacked by ISX and fought back, outnumbered and alone. What a brave, brave man.
  10. I think Vlad still holds the record for #1 tear generator, he just wrecked an entire AA by himself and then got away with it
  11. flags aren't same size, treaty is invalid, declaring war on GATO out of flag anger
  12. I wouldn't say is at least as important, the method of choosing the sample and the size of the population are much more important than the absolute value of the sample.
  13. Hey now, I fought much longer than ISX in that war :/
  14. Not to defend anything ISX, but 17/60 = 28%, which is a significantly higher sample size than most in statistical analysis. Of course in this case it would be skewed towards actives and the like so it may be a non-representative sample, but still statistically significant. /end soapbox AM > ISX
  15. Still though...it is Fiji. Not something to get all excited over :/
  16. I feel like this is the equivalent of the US invading Fiji because one dude with a " Down with the USA" sign lives there.
  17. There are so many amendments to choose from, but I can only choose one. Fif!
  18. Oculus, you stepped in something and the odor if following you around something fierce.
  19. Wait, OM had a protector that let Methrage beat them up? Ouch
  20. How do the numbers stack up there for the curious minds? Is it even? Edit: by numbers i mean numbers of nations
  21. Well I am no fancy big-city lawyer, but I can guarantee that your buddies in MINC are about to get beaten like a red headed stepchild for declaring war on my AA.
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