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  1. Thank you for reminding me, just bought 50!
  2. This is why I stopped playing since I can't get my actual flag ingame 😭
  3. I look forward to your diplomatic assistance next time I am a one man AA 😂
  4. Why would anyone want to do this regularly to be honest though? Casualties are quite fun at least, everything must go.
  5. 1% worse slot usage with 1/3rd the membership isn't all that dead.
  6. These two alliances certainly seem to be in the same NS tier. I wonder what possibly could happen next!
  7. I am really sad I missed this post the first time around, well done.
  8. I suspect we took more damage than the tech being agreed to here. But I also have not seen an actual surrender, just surrender terms 🤔
  9. I am happy to see a conclusion, ideally this can lead to somewhere new instead of the same old story.
  10. That is some additional information the peanut gallery did not have, though I am not shocked at all that larger alliances would be effectively "financing" lower level conflicts to get some for themselves. It makes me fighting this war perhaps more hollow, but also very ironic people aren't willing to put their warchest where their mouths are.
  11. Sanctions have been removed, please send me tech 😀
  12. What are my claim limits @Maelstrom Vortex?
  13. Typically speaking when you $%&@ed up the CB so badly due to it involving a specific character, you take the step back and change the tone at the very least. All the world's a stage and you choose to be the criminal sort which harms further assistance for you and ensures that popular opinion will go against you. I would be happy to educate you further about the basics of this world but you will need to pay a fee.
  14. I still use it on occasion.
  15. I would have to roll them, let the dead stay that way.
  16. I wish you luck, come talk to us to see about peace I guess?
  17. Ah the classic, I know you are but what am I? Defense. I could select any 3 members of NG and create a functional active government, most alliances can't say the same.
  18. The fact you think NG is a hivemind blindly following one dude vs an incredibly talented pool of many, many personalities from the past 15 years of this world who all happen to get along is really sad to be honest.
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