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  1. That's a wrap folks. We can go home now.
  2. Must be easy when all that matters is family.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXU8w336oGs This sums up our situation.
  4. Good post. I'll give up MI6's secret: Active people + spreadsheets. And yes, I'm being serious. I'll be more than happy to help alliances set up their spreadsheets to keep track of things, if they don't already have something in place.
  5. Well, no. Maybe. You'd have to ask the gov.
  6. Good news everyone, we didn't die.
  7. It's nice to see IC and Azaghul in gov. Congrats to the elected.
  8. NPO. Like the Big Kid with a tough-guy exterior, but they're soft and squishy on the inside. GPA. They like Green. IRON. Ashley Furniture wants their logo back. Umbrella. They have a knack for keeping me dry. NpO. Welcome to Polar, Home of the Polar, May I take your order? WTF. Self-explanatory ODN. Doesn't the new sprite have orange in it or something? VE. Still chugging along RNR. Their HQ must be in Hawaii or Guam. Sparta. 300 sucked. NATO. Berbers was cute that one time he tried trolling #MI6 Valhalla. Love talking to them NEW. Translator please. DT. I miss Bob. MI6. Bunch of anuses. Pax Corvus. Still around? FAN. Forums suck. GOONS. Sardonic was pretty cool. FARK. Neat fellows. SNX. I got nothing. It's way too easy.
  9. Voodoo Nova

    The 'C' word

    Hoping for the best for you Dajobo. Kick its ass. $%&@ Cancer.
  10. Everyone, I graduate this Friday and will be back to full activity next week. We can start/finish the threads then, too.
  11. The press at the arrival of the Arabian leader maintained their shots on Nazarbayev, waiting for the moment where Xerxes and he would shake hands. Recorders were nowhere to be seen, to avoid possible gaffes from being heard beyond earshot and hearsay. After Xerxes approached the Chairman, formal greetings were exchanged and both would take their leave to the meeting location within Ak Orda. The Chairman motioned Xerxes and his attache to their seats across from his. After everyone sat down, Nazarbayev spoke. "Hello my neighbor," he said with a short pause. "Lets begin, you have the floor."
  12. **Private** The Union would respond back positively to such an idea, inviting Xerxes to Astana.
  13. You're not there yet. I'll be posting something regarding the topic later today.
  14. I don't need to prove a thing to you. Like I said, I suggest you stop making an ass out of yourself over an RP you're not in and won't join.
  15. You're making an ass out of yourself with these assumptions again. I suggest quitting while you're behind.
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