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  1. It happened when I last received a gentle rebuke from the swords and shields of Admin. "I just don't care," is what entered my head, and I came to the sad conclusion that I'd not had any fun here in quite some time. And so I'm on my way. I first signed up in mid-2006 at the suggestion of a LiveJournal friend. (He no longer plays CN, and I haven't used LJ since 2007. Go figure.) Since then I've belonged to many alliances, but for me the decision that had the greatest impact on my 'play' was joining NoV in May 2007. I may have strayed occasionally over the years, but I've always gone back to the same group of players. Norden Verein/Nordreich was and remains the most diverse group of people I've ever encountered in this game and I'll miss them very much. Oh sure, I'll be on NoR's community forum from time to time, but since May 2009 that forum has been something of a morgue. Can't imagine why. I don't see much point in reviewing my career as kingzog/Ashoka the Great, although if I had to pick one moment that defined just how much CN invaded my life I'd have to say it was during a government meeting in NoV, when I announced that I had to leave for a while to ummm....you know.... *ahem* the missus and all that. About forty-five minutes later I was back in the .gov meeting, where I insisted that my absence and the reason for it be entered into the record. Good times. I've met some great people along the way, but I'm going to avoid doing the 'shoutout' thing. It strikes me as just a bit silly, and besides....no matter how long I made the list, I'd almost certainly forget someone. If you think you would have been on it, you're probably right. And if you think you wouldn't be on it, you're most likely wrong. I've had a number of people share extremely private and personal things with me, and I am humbled by the trust that was placed in me. (Although, as someone who studied to be a priest -- and yes, I really was a monk for a while -- keeping secrets is second nature to me.) Thank you. Since 2006 I've left and come back a few times. I think the longest break I've taken was somewhere in the neighborhood of four months, ending just as the Karma War kicked off. With most of those departures I made a point of mentioning to someone that I'd likely be back before too long, but this 'goodbye' thread is a first for me. I've never made any kind of fuss over a previous departure, so I suppose this means that no, I will not be back and no, they do not always come back. If I may be so bold as to provide a bit of parting advice, it would be to remember a quote from the French writer Anatole France: "If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing." We would all be wise to recall this from time to time. Cheers.
  2. A offends B. B declares war on A. A tells its allies not to get involved. In return, said allies promise massive amounts of reconstruction aid once the conflict is over. Welcome to the Brave New [s]World[/s] Yawn.
  3. It took me a while, but despite going away/coming back a couple of times and taking part in various 'crusades' I just don't care anymore. Five+ years is quite enough time to have wasted here.
  4. [quote name='James Dahl' timestamp='1317410144' post='2812851'] If you're going to dredge up quotes from more than 2 and a half years ago, BEFORE NoR had even reformed, why the selective edits? [/quote] Because I have no clue what it's about. And I don't really care, either. Enough people have told me it's a lie that I believe it to be a lie. Hell, notice that on that very same page you see Slayer defending Martens. If you knew anything at all, you would instantly suspect something was wrong with the accusation being made. I guess what I'm trying to say is.... [u]You weren't around[/u], f-tard, so I honestly have no idea how you believe you can possibly have one goddamn clue as to what you're talking about. For now, though, your desire to defend your ally four years after the fact with 'information' that is complete nonsense is noted. Thank you for making a complete ass of yourself. Again. Truly it is a skill. If you wish to continue to dredge up two or four year old arguments, go have a chat with Xiphosis. If you catch him when he hasn't taken his anti-paranoia medication he can really get a good froth going. The two of you can sit around and spin complete lies and then congratulate each other for being right. But in the meantime, bask in the superior morality of your pal, Xychosis: [quote]Our terms for the end of your PZI are minimal, the end of your IC character and nothing more. I entrusted to TPF the destruction of Norden Verein and did my best to aid in seeing to it happen (both providing a CB and offering my military existence assistance, which was refused) and assumed they would see to your continued ZI. Given that this did not happen, I took up the slack.[/quote] And now we're done. Take this argument elsewhere, stfu or go eat a knife. Whatever it takes for you to understand that this is neither the time nor the place to re-hash four-year-old events that, as I noted, [b]you know absolutely nothing about[/b].
  5. [quote name='James Dahl' timestamp='1317402594' post='2812774'] NoR is a relatively new alliance remember? We're all supposed to not hold anything against them for past misdeeds. Apparently that's a one way street? [/quote] Since NoR's reformation, I have had several occasions where I have had to approach Xiphosis. He was a complete jackass and a would-be swaggering bully on every single occasion. In one of these conversations, Xiphosis was the one who dragged up what took place during the UjW. What made it especially funny was that he did so immediately after saying that he wasn't going to bring up the past. (Seriously....the very next sentence.) If you wish to point fingers, start with GOD's leader. We've done nothing to provoke him except to ask for him to be reasonable on a couple of occasions. You are either very much misinformed or lying through your teeth. Since Hal brought up the original 'Martens v. GOD' thread, I went and had a look. The misinformation began on the very first page when an RIA member said: [quote]You nuked GOD while they were in the middle of surrendering despite vowing not to use nuclear first strikes in the war....[/quote] Now, I happen to have been a high-ranking member of NoV's military at the time this happened. In fact, I was one of several high-ranking members who launched those first strikes. We did so because surrender negotiations had stalled, and we believed that our opponents were simply giving themselves a bit of a breather before resuming the fight. We figured a nice kick in the nuts might hurry things along. And whaddayaknow....it worked. So we -- NoV's High Command -- gave the launch order. We did so in direct contravention of orders given to us by NoV's Kaiser who, by the way, was [b]not[/b] Kaiser Martens. Martens resumed the leadership that evening, after the launch and after many, many heated arguments between NoV's military and government leadership. So yes, you read that correctly. Kaiser Martens was not leading Norden Verein when the first nukes flew. He had nothing to do with it. Almost four years later, and each time I see this nonsense repeated I wonder why nobody has bothered to do a bit of fact-checking. And with that I depart, since I really don't care about the surrender terms offered to UPN except that I hope they NG make a great deal of money. Also, I don't think this thread needs to be de-railed any further in order to correct four-year-old disinformation that continues to be spread by Xiphosis and/or his credulous allies. Anyone wanting more information is welcome to look me up and ask. (My bet is that no one will, and in about three months this will have to be explained all over again.) So, to help bring us back on track... NG is an alliance of extortionists, bad people, [OOC]running people from the game[/OOC], make baby Jesus cry blah blah blah blah blah.
  6. [quote name='ChairmanHal' timestamp='1317392918' post='2812712'] In my over four and a half years on Planet Bob, I've seen a few occasions where someone was getting rapidly pounded to ash (including one poor fellow that was catching nukes with nothing to throw back or defend against it but really cutting sarcastic private messages to his attacker), ran through an inadequate warchest, and had requests for aid/help unanswered by their alliance. [/quote] See: The Legion during GWIII
  7. [quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1317357551' post='2812419'] Nah, I got it. One of the key issues surrounding Xiph/GOD is being pro-disbandment, though. So like I said, people wishing for NG to do it just strikes me as ironic, and therefore amusing. [/quote] Still not getting it. Excellent try, though. Perhaps someone else will be good enough to enlighten you. Me? I'm going to bed.
  8. [quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1317356355' post='2812391'] Not that. Just that it seemed to make GOD insanely terrible in the eyes of, well, just about everyone when there was a rumor about it. And now Varianz says do it. I just find the irony amusing. [/quote] You seem not to understand the root of the enmity aimed toward GOD.
  9. Our only hope for expansion is to keep checking the aid screens and hope someone screws up, I guess. Boo.
  10. [quote name='feestaap1' timestamp='1317301358' post='2811596'] and love to our secret V clause [/quote] Ah yes, the clause that must not be named.
  11. [quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1317268232' post='2810786'] ....I have no intention of waving my dick around without using it.[/quote] Now y'see, that's precisely what I said to the police. It didn't go well. Hmmm. Oh. Yeah....war and such. Somehow I suspect we'll be supporting our treaty partner. Crazy, I know.
  12. Maroon has not looked this good since the day I left that sphere four years ago. Indeed, it has been a sad, pitiful place for a very long time now. But no more. It may well be that the decision to spread their love in Maroon will come as a surprise to those who see MEAT sneaking up behind them. Take my word for it: Although painful times may lie ahead, in the long run those pitiful nations on Maroon will surely benefit from MEAT. Some will say that this is some kind of dirty, backdoor affair. I disagree. Today we see a group that have gone to great lengths to bring stability to Maroon. Combined with the awe-inspiring breadth of their combined NS, it is clear that alliances affected by this surprise penetration of Maroon may well find it quite uncomfortable initially. However, I have no doubt but that frequent encounters with MEAT will lessen said discomfort over time. Also, a sandwich would be nice.
  13. [quote name='kriekfreak' timestamp='1317112377' post='2809551'] So Aztec is no more? [/quote] Good question. There are only two signatories left, but they're not tied in any way outside of AZTEC so I'll give a (very) tentative, "No." Unless/until GLOF and Colossus sign a treaty outside of AZTEC, I assume it's still active. Although, if they're going to keep it going, I suppose they need a new acronym.
  14. [quote name='Ardus' timestamp='1317120755' post='2809579'] That was just a nominal wag, right? [/quote] Neigh, my friend.
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