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  1. [quote name='Ashoka the Great' timestamp='1297752174' post='2634227'] We need to find thirty-seven members soon. I'm sure the official 'NoR pip' would be a marvelous thing to behond....unless we askk wF to design it for us, of course. [/quote] Yall could always annex whats left of TGE.
  2. James IV


    I could see it happening because people around here would get bored enough to do it.
  3. James IV

    I give up

    You don't have to run people out of the game or anything anymore. All you have to do is roll them if they do anything or are potentially threatening. That makes them about as relevant as they would be if they were run out of the game.
  4. The blue text just puts you above the rest.
  5. I hope DA BEARS send the cheesers packing.
  6. James IV


    Heh, I have left an alliance over a what-have-you-done-for-us lately situation (something we didn't agree on) and I have been the same nation all along. Sad isn't it.
  7. Heh, I wonder how much bleeding PC will take from this.
  8. Thanks. :D If you want to use it (or if you know anyone else that would), feel free to.

  9. Ha, I love your signature.

  10. I know they use big words that don't suit you but that doesn't mean you have to blog about them.
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