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  1. Dominion of Righteous Nations (DRN) is merging into House Baratheon!!! More than 8 months ago, I founded the Dominion of Righteous Nations (DRN) on the Maroon team. DRN quickly rose as an alliance in the Cyberverse, to a grand total of 164 members on its Alliance Affiliation and a total of nearly 1.8 million Nation Strength in the spring. Nonetheless, in the summer the alliance quickly declined to a point of no return. We had our day! Now it is time to join our brothers and sisters in House Baratheon! Glory to the Dominion! DRN Sovereign, GinoTheRoman
  2. I did not ban you. Anyhow the ban has now been lifted. We do have an IRC channel with which you can also get in touch with me, Rey.
  3. My opinion of LPH is that it is an honorable alliance that I currently only know only one member of, Kiloist. Other than that, I do not know LPH. I do not know you Rey and I will overlook your attempt to inflame this situation as nothing more than answering in defense of your alliance. The DRN has no interest in Kiloist or LPH. We never have. We do not see LPH in either a negative or positive light. That is because we do not know LPH. As I said, and will say again now, Rey, you may gladly take up any issues you have with Dominion policy with me. I am the Sovereign of DRN. I lead this a
  4. Those attacks were not authorized under my orders. The Dominion will not be pursuing any "ZI". We have no qualm with Kiloist, he has decided to leave our alliance. If you have further issues, you can take them up with myself or gowfanatic, our Duke of Foreign Affairs. DRN Sovereign, GinoTheRoman
  5. I'm glad to see that this treaty has finally been announced! RevolutionaryRebel has been a great friend of DRN and we're happy to call the Alternian Empire a new ally of the Dominion :) Glory to the Alternian Empire! DRN Sovereign, GinoTheRoman
  6. Dominion of Righteous Nations - GinoTheRoman - http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=115239
  7. Liz, enjoy your retirement. SOM, it is your time old friend :) I still remember founding the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations in October 2006. I remember the wonderful times we had together in an alliance I feel is much different today. As the founder and first Head of State for 1 and a half years, that saddens me. It still, to this day, saddens me. I trust you SOM. I know what you can do. Best of luck bud. DRN Sovereign, GinoTheRoman
  8. Congratulations to all who who were elected. I like the names I see there :D FEAR has elected a solid leader today in johnap88. I'm sure he will strengthen FEAR during his tenure.
  9. Very glad to see this posted! Two great friends coming together! We look forward to working with UCoN for a LONG time! :D DRN Sovereign, GinoTheRoman
  10. Good to see this Justin! The New Canadian Pig Alliance will do great, I just know it! :) The Dominion will always be a friend willing to lend help :D Glory to the New Canadian Pig Alliance! DRN Sovereign, GinoTheRoman
  11. Greetings nations of the Cyberverse, The New Canadian Pig Alliance is an aspiring group of nations with the goal of prosperity and growth. In a short time, the Dominion has seen the NCPA structure itself on a path to a bright future. We proudly announce our protection of the NCPA as an extension of trust and respect. We will be there to support them in their endeavours and lend a helping hand if need be. We know they will grow into a formidable alliance one day. [url=http://www.cybernations.net/stats_alliance_stats_custom.asp?Alliance=New%20Canadian%20Pig%20Alliance]New Canadian Pig
  12. Congratulations to GLOF and Sengoku on this great treaty! :D
  13. The Treaty of Toronto is a pact forged by a great friendship. The Javahouse League have treated us with respect and honor from day one of our existence. I will echo WhiteChocolate: We are proud to call TJL our ally and friend. Glory to tJL! Glory to the Dominion! DRN Sovereign, GinoTheRoman
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