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  1. I log in when starcraftermazter tells me my nation was deleted and dropped trades. lol I remember being a pleb in 2006, getting destroyed during GW2, trying returning after GW3 but being unable to due to the nation create lock. Joined CSN in April 2007 or something like that once the lock was off. Mein gott it's almost been 10 years that I've had this nation.
  2. You still here? Thought I would come back on a limited basis. Hope to see you around.

    1. SpacingOutMan


      I'm rarely around, but still lurk occasionally! 

  3. At least that contributes to alliance score. ;)
  4. The amount you save is negligible unless you have an absolute crap-ton of military. To put it into perspective, for a nation such as mine (81 Navy, 105 Aircraft) the savings generated from the wonder would take around 540 days to pay for itself.
  5. Prepares yourselves RnR, we have constructed the required pylons for our third expansion.
  6. No commentary on how DT passed Fark? You have shown your truly colors Gopher. Your bias against us is duly noted. ;) Also... Woo! MHA, we come for you. :ehm:
  7. Neck and neck race between UMB and DT right now. :o
  8. Dark Templar rose by 0.08, but we didn't tie for third for the Biggest Gainer for the day? :(
  9. Alas the timing is abysmal. :( Maybe next time?
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