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  1. You still here? Thought I would come back on a limited basis. Hope to see you around.

    1. SpacingOutMan


      I'm rarely around, but still lurk occasionally! 

  2. I veiwed your profile for the 1000 time. I AM #1000!

  3. Probably to differentiate between the fronts (LSF-NOR, MK-CSN, Umb-Fark, NG-RIA).
  4. I'm honestly not even going to bother fixing the grammar in that post, or the spelling, or whatever. If I made some clerical mistake on the ratios feel free to correct; likewise, there is some debate over how much ATP is generated during the transport chain. Just to translate this sciencey mumbo jumbo into better words, I'll just give an example diet I normally consume during the day + exercise (just picked a random one): Day 45 7:00 AM: Dynamic stretch & Motivational Vids 7:15 AM: Meds 7:15 AM: Cardio III *15 Min. Interval Run (3: warm up + 1: medium + 0.5: hard + 0.5: easy + 1: medi
  5. I think I have an account on bodybuilding.com but I couldn't be sure (too tired and lazy to check right now). I work with almost exclusively proteomics dealing with specific metabolic pathways so everything I know about nutrition and the sorts comes straight from biochemistry and organic chem. Likewise, I've grown up in a family of personal and Pilates instructors (my mom, my aunt, etc. etc.) and the sorts, so it's just something I've grown accustomed too (not a biochem major; marine and evo. bio!!!). Regarding saturated fat: yea, saturated fat helps with bulking up because of the immense en
  6. No problem man! If you have any questions feel free to ask (me or the community as there are a ton of knowledgeable people here). Just a few extra tips diet-wise: *As long as you spend more calories than you consume, you will cut weight (body consumes glucose reserves and fat to cover the deficit) *Eat too few calories (<1200-1400) your body goes into starvation mode, thus your body begins stockpiling fat (glucose gets converted into fat; fat cannot convert to glucose in humans as we lack a glyoxylate cycle) *Different nutrients have different effects: -Monounsaturated Fats Why? In mod
  7. Good luck man! Note: I'm sure you have done a ton of research into working out and what not, so please excuse me if I make it seem like I am talking "at" or "down to you" below (as if you don't have a clue about working out, which is likely not the case since you actually seem to have a plan). I'm currently down 18 lbs (161 -> 150) as I attempt to get myself back into swimming shape over the last two months (well, 59 days) and aiming to drop at least another 10 lbs of fat before I start bulking up muscle (tore my rotator cuff 3 years ago which stymied my college swim career, so I'd at le
  8. 1 year? Yeah. 2 years? Yeah. 3 years? Maybe. 4 years? Likely not. 5 years? I sure hope to have better things to spend my time then sitting around shaking my e-fist at people.
  9. Sexual favors: in or out?
  10. Was going to read all of the comments, but I already know the futility in that, so I'll just throw in a brief two cents: /endblog https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/k-lee7/www/kesl/writ/fallacies2.pdf (Just a categorization of pretty much every significant "logical fallacy" that is found in arguments). Ad hominem, in particular, is used pretty much constantly in the US Justice System because, usually, one's character does actually have something to do with their argument. For instance, if someone known to be a habitual liar makes claim A, it is safe to presume that by exposing their major character
  11. Blacky is spot on from what I can tell. This is more to do with reputation and CNhonor than basing decisions on root precedence (which would be awesome if that could somehow be curbed overall in CN).
  12. I just want to say, I disapprove of your profile picture. Exploitation at it's finest. Humph. >:|

  13. I'd like to further add that the "legitimacy" of a casus belli is irrelevant; the cause can be absolutely anything. Justification is a separate train of thought under the Just War Theory.
  14. Sir, that video was amazing.

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