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  1. If anyone sees this we have a Discord Set up for NSO https://discord.gg/KTYb5qy
  2. Farewell boys. Glad to see you take out the trash on the way out. We'll always have the SNX war.
  3. I just checked the forums to see who was still alive and saw this. Sup
  4. Have fun you sexy bastards.
  5. Someone in TLR is actually alive?
  6. They have multiple times, tried to spy my last nuke away. For some reason they've all been unsuccessful.
  7. We have not been on the best of turns but i love and respect the hell out of Kashmir.
  8. It has been an honor and a privilege to have led NSO. Now we exit this world the way we came in, not giving a single $%&@ about what you think. It's quite refreshing more alliances should try it. Then again most alliances can't handle it. Goodnight Sweet Prince. o/ NSO o/ To our allies past and present
  9. I joined GOONS under another name in 06' was only there a few months and quit. Came back in early 2007 under the current moniker.
  10. We're all dead on the inside and that's what really counts
  11. The perils of being paperless is that you aren't an ally.
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