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  1. That's nonsense. SnX is a voluntary association of nations, like all alliances. Voluntary associations are fine, they're coercing no one.
  2. In the jungle, cats eat snakes. Just sayin. G'luck y'all!
  3. In my experience most rulers in this world not only do not read and rarely if ever post here, they (quite understandably) have no desire to change that in any way.
  4. As always, the LPC accepts both sovereign solos and alliances as members. "Big Tent" remember? The LPC can and, should it become necessary, will enforce within that 'Big Tent' concept. And members, of course, do indeed get 'voted in' in every case. You can vote yourself in as an associate member simply by voting for our candidate. You know all this. Dude. Dude. Monopolize? I suppose it's possible we all get so sick and tired of this we just join SnX to spite you, but no. That's not even an idea. Their senators have not assented to the manifesto? What, I'm supposed to hunt them down individually and administer an oath? They have taken an oath to Junka, Junka has to us, you know how things work. "Purely a political organization" exactly. Pay attention to your own words man. You're the one that tried over and over again to make it more than that and I'm the one that always refused. Now you finally understand? GOOD, GET ONBOARD!
  5. Frankly I have no desire for a senate seat and never have. I had no problem with Methrage being our senator because he listened to me when I said not to sanction. I have no problem with our current senators being SnX members because the same thing. Please go read our manifesto again. We wanted a sphere where independents and small AAs can exist without being treated as designated victims and sanctioned without justification - and we have it.
  6. It might surprise you to learn that those who leave any alliance are more likely to have had issues with it than those who stay. Particularly an alliance like SnX with its intentionally dense and intimidating signup. It's just kind of the way those things generally work. The people that like it the way it is stick around and the people that don't like it as it is leave, ideally to find an alliance more to their taste and move on, rather than feeling the need to post about how bad their previous alliance was constantly.
  7. As I recall he and reyrey had a running thing of doing that sort of thing back and forth to each other for a long time. But no, it was just him, got it. You can discuss it all you want but you're talking out your caboose and then asserting your prior access to a non-public thread as backup for it, which is bull. If it really were there you'd be misusing information that you had access to in confidence, but it's doubly bull because that's not actually what happened in the thread! So don't spout bull if you don't want to be called on it.
  8. You've spewed filth for a couple years now I think, your pretensions are nauseating, so you don't even.
  9. Except in this case he really isn't. The oddest thing about this entire line of attack from Sephiroth is that he by his own admission never took the L part of LPCN so seriously. I'm the one that made a workable IC ideology out of it. Yet somehow we're not ideologically pure enough for him anymore. That makes no sense at all.
  10. Yeah that was where I couldn't follow anymore. I used to try to buy tech from them when I was on purple. Looks to me like they are just going for the most inactive targets possible. We'll continue to disagree on this. I suspect having to fight for their nationhood helps many to solidify their ties to this world, as it did for me. Ahh... ok yeah that sounds believable I guess. Should have done better recon.
  11. I apologize. I'm honestly laughing at how seriously you are taking yourselves right now. Had you taken yourselves more seriously earlier, I would not be laughing, but bygones are bygones, I did not mean to derail your thread, have fun giving up and stuff. \~/>
  12. I heard it tasted great but it would kill you if eaten too often.
  13. Not sure about Asia but in Europe 'Americano' means a cup of hot water with a shot of espresso dumped in it. Not my cup of tea, if you'll excuse the mixed metaphor. Anyway that explains the retarded conversation. They don't know what black means, they guess you want 'mericano cause you speak English, then they want to know if you want milk or sugar in your coffee-flavored hot water. Try saying 'mericano, neat' maybe the barrista moonlights as a bartender and knows what neat means. 3 or 4 cups is the traditional size but I don't think you need to match that number with teabags, unless you simply must have it both strong and pale. Lopsang souchang is my favorite chinese tea and it's far from green but I'd imagine it's not hard to find a cheap and horrid tea there as well. Had any good gutteroil lately?
  14. Sugar doesn't make it weaker, just sweeter, for most people that means easier to drink more. Yeah, actually, not in every case of course but typically I think so. Probably because Mexican food has been breaking that ground for so long. It's still all mild by default but a lot of places have really spicy stuff if you want it these days.
  15. I get a great Vindaloo here too, and as Galerion pointed out, Tikka Masala is more popular in the UK. And that's not actually south asian you know, that was invented in Glasgow, though it's sort of in that style. Anyway I had some great asian food in the capital but it was obviously turned down for the local palate, I ordered the extra hot and it was a medium. And when I got out in the country I didn't see anything mildly spicy. YMMV, especially if you're a local and know just where to find the exceptions, of course. And I agree on the sweetness, actually, that's not everyone and everywhere but it's a fair general impression.
  16. The Brits may have had enough south asian food to be open to it by now, but I suspect you'd have to tone it down a bit for them unless you were right in the capital. They seemed to be very attached to bland food for the most part. Not that there's anything wrong with that necessarily, meat and tators with a good beer can really hit the spot. And earlier poster, going to that particular place and expecting good tea... *head asplodes* I don't even expect a good burger there.
  17. The truth is active politics hasn't left the building, you just aren't in on it anymore. Sorry old man. Yeah not exactly true at the time you said it, but really, so what if it was? It's Legion. I actually, I hate to admit it but I do have some respect for NSO and ultimately I guess I hope they have a good time. But I don't respect the move, insofar as it appears to amount to preƫmptive surrender.
  18. I like your avatar but you aren't accomplishing anything in this thread.
  19. We are who we always were. I'm sorry you can't believe that we could survive without you. Give it time, you're always welcome to come back if you'll adjust to reality.
  20. He's a bit angry. Y'all should really learn to keep your word.
  21. If you bring a knife to a gun fight and send a warning shot with it you're better with a knife than I am. Seriously, I find that people are much more serious about negotiating when there is a (metaphorical) gun to their head. In fact probably the quickest way to produce a fair and balanced peace treaty is to put a gun to both parties heads simultaneously. If there is no such motivation, many people will simply waste your time with mockery rather than negotiating in earnest. And I disagree with the notion that the circumstances make the outcome inherently unbalanced. The balance of the outcome is not dependent on the way it is arrived at.
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