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  1. I really doubt it's the most active CN community on discord since I'm in multiple ones that are probably way more active. also, i will not be joining this one.
  2. Man, why did no one tell me about this. RIP. I always enjoyed talking to you, and you were a great friend. I'm sorry I wasn't there near the end for you.
  3. Dilber

    Just a question

    This just in: Heads of State require guards to protect from crazies. Thanks Obama! Never in the past have people attempted to kill the president!
  4. I run everything. I actually run Gibs too.
  5. Pretty good. It was pretty enjoyable, though I liked the movie Defendor more. I just saw your comment. Apparently I haven't logged into the boards since February.

  6. Yo dude, I'm back. and since I guess it was the only thing we ever spoke about, what did you think of the Kick-Ass movie?

  7. April 7th? Newb. I'm the 10th oldest nation in the game.
  8. File my taxes too. You have experience filing from out of country. My tax attorney is confused.
  9. Good luck on finals. :)

  10. This profile.... Lacks blog. o.o

  11. Is there something that i can help the good Standartenfuhrer with?

  12. Why hello there Dilber.

    I see you succumbed to the pull of my fantastic profile.

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