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  1. Dilber

    the new hedgemony

    Please tell me more about what you can do for my hedges.
  2. Dilber

    to the NPO

    wait, it took you till our actions in Karma to realize that? damn, i did a good job.
  3. Dilber

    Blast from the past

    I loved earlier TPF. Late stage TPF wasn't the same, and kinda deserved it.
  4. Dilber

    A new power rises

    nope, mine was just plain insulting.
  5. Dilber

    A new power rises

    As the owner of GGA, I feel responsible for posting here. I will acknowledge this assuming i retain majority control of GGA, as is my right via owning the !@#$ out of the original owner.
  6. Dilber

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    I have to wear pants for work now. the end times are here
  7. Man, why did no one tell me about this. RIP. I always enjoyed talking to you, and you were a great friend. I'm sorry I wasn't there near the end for you.
  8. YOU WANT SCREENCAPS?   this one is recursive  
  9. i have but one thing to say to this.   jet fuel can't melt steel beams guys
  10. NPO's first war was a war on air theft.   I was pro-that war too.
  11. I read words occasionally.   These are good words.
  12. Dilber

    An Imperial Decree

    soon we shall be in uncharted territory.
  13. Dilber

    Then and Now : Cybernations

    It was a p. good coup.
  14. Dilber

    Dos Equis on Ice

    its probably still sparta.