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  1. Sentinel

    Recogniton of ?

    I think you all can manage to antagonize each other without resorting to the childish name calling in every second sentence, no? If nothing else, it will be more entertaining to read.
  2. Sentinel

    Friend on shared WIFI

    When you are at http://cybernations.net, there's a link to it in the footer, at the bottom right corner of the page.
  3. Sentinel


    As a reminder for everybody, discussing moderation issues is against the rules and can be warnable.
  4. Sentinel

    Account Banned

    Please post a ban appeal here - http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/forum/22-warn-amp-ban-appeals/
  5. Sentinel

    "Why are you hitting yourself?!"

    Moved to the Report a Bug forum.
  6. Sentinel

    Newbie/Advanced Member.. and custom titles?

    As a reminder, spamming is against the forum rules and will result in a warn.
  7. Sentinel

    Avatar sizes

    I didn't see this thread, but a few weeks ago I increased the size of the avatars. I believe that you may need to recreate your avatar to get rid of the pixelation.
  8. Sentinel

    School Project

    This should be fine. Please send a PM to myself and Mithrandir with the nation names of everyone in your class who is playing so that we can take a look at them.
  9. Sentinel

    Rest in peace Keelah

    Keelah was a fantastic person, and I will miss him.
  10. Sentinel

    Policy Regarding Tech Received From Multis

    You know that you don't have the slightest idea as to what nations were and were not deleted as multis, right? I can assure you that you do not know whether the #1 nation has or has not had tech removed yet. You will not be notified of who, when, and how much tech was or will be removed from individual nations. To remind you:
  11. Sentinel

    Policy Regarding Tech Received From Multis

    You don't even know who it is.
  12. Sentinel

    Policy Regarding Tech Received From Multis

    Here's some fun numbers to look at: The multis deleted in a sample period of one year sent out tech resulting in 364 nations receiving more than 1,000 tech each from those multis alone. In the same time period of that aid being sent, there were 116,644 nations total that received aid. The top 10 nations who received tech from that sample group of multis, received a combined 144,401 multi tech. The #1 having received 24,501 tech from multis.
  13. Sentinel

    Policy Regarding Tech Received From Multis

    If you're in the top 0.5% of nations who have received large amounts of tech from multis, who are 0.3% of all nations receiving aid in that time period, you were probably involved with the multis and should be counting your lucky stars that you're not deleted.
  14. Sentinel

    What is CyberNations' API?

          Closing thread as the question has been answered.