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  1. I'm now gone. Last post around here. Thanks to GPA, Non Grata and IRON for being good sports about this little roguery. Was a pleasant ending to a fun ride. Ciao,
  2. Haven't read the past 15 pages but if poaching works, it's because your alliance isn't appealing enough. If the only way you can keep your members in line is by making sure they receive no foreign offers, the problem might be with your alliance.
  3. I'll likely delete when I've burnt my WC. Seeing that I was a tech&cash farm for the best part of the last three years, it's not really big and it won't take that long.
  4. Solid work, MI6, and good luck to you, Cynic. No shame in getting a little help when you're down.
  5. Don't know if it's in the proper subforum, if not just move it. Hi fellow CNers, For the past eight years and two months, I've been a member of this community, with only a very short break in the end of 2007. I've always had this mentality - and I hold it on other games too - that if you're not having fun anymore and logging on feels like a chore, you shouldn't be playing the game. Games are meant for fun. Which is probably why I've rerolled three times and never reached the 100k+ zone, let alone the new heights of today. During my time on CN, I've been a member of the following alliances: ICSN, ICP, LSF, Vox Populi, Echelon, GGA, STA, NPO, ZDP, MK and TOP. I probably forget a few along the way. I've been in small and big alliances alike. Alliances that didn't matter and alliances that were - still are - at the forefront. I've been a loyal soldier, a leader, an agitateur, a spy, an agent saboteur, a tech farm and a rogue (and a rouge too). I've tried making an alliance and I've joined a few who were just starting. I've participated in small and big blocs, colour-themed blocs, friendship blocs and power-politic ones. I've been active in mentoring, admission and recruitment, internal affairs, foreign affairs. I've been a victor and I've been defeated. I've been PZIed and I've been in alliances who PZIed others (can't say I've ever sentenced anybody myself, though). I'm listing that because I feel, at this point, that I've experienced pretty much everything CN has to offer. I've made lots of friends - many of whom I talk to IRL, generally via Facebook or text - and haven't made a single serious enemy. I can honestly say I've had a blast, but it's time to move on. If we met, talked to each other and I wasn't an arse to you, it's quite possible that I liked you. Consider this as a last salute. Ciao and thanks for the fun, Yev. N.B: I'll probably rogue as a dilettante for a bit, nuking every now and then, before I reach deletion. For one last time: [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwdnNyySDLI]Falalalan![/url]
  6. Rayvon, your comment is entirely unacceptable as well. To encourage people to delete their nation is really shameful and not the way we ought to play this beloved game of ours.
  7. Something must be done against Rotavele. This is unacceptable behaviour.
  8. Another interesting side effect of this war is to see many names we had not seen in a while on the OWF. Good luck to all belligerents, hope you have fun and keep that GRL high.
  9. TOP rooted for you. It seems the endorsement of the evil schemers didn't bring you the expected votes. Sorry, Auctor. You would have made a fine team with NPKJI.
  10. Porksaber is a great gentleman and I hope whatever comes out of this will be as good.
  11. Goodness, people seriously complaining about paying six millions makes me wish we had not given up on really draconian reparations. This is laughable, just like the whole "we won't surrender" spiel was.
  12. This is a very interesting treaty. Will Article III. be applied retroactively to future treaty partners?
  13. The problem is that many alliances - and their leaders - took it to heart and decided to run their foreign affairs according to that ridiculous principle. Zero provocation? The Kool-Aid must be kinda strong in those northern lands.
  14. To be honest, I personally just see it for what it is: a sign that your coalition is not yet defeated to the point where it is ready to seriously discuss peace. Instead, we are witness to the use of cheap theatrics and drama stunts at the negotiating table. I simply wish my own coalition would adjust and stop entertaining this notion that we should discuss peace terms with petulant children.
  15. Skipped after page 4, went directly to the last one, noticed it somehow became about TOP, which is how all threads end nowadays. Appealing to the public only works when a significant portion of said public is undecided and in a position to do something about it. In this case, it's just pointless posturing. As a sidenote, I don't know if it has been pointed out, but using the "14-21 billions" figure is ridiculous for two reasons: 1)It presumes 100% efficiency. 2)It plays on reps numbers (propaganda image) without considering the recent "aid inflation"... of 100%.
  16. Condoleances to his family and friends. He seemed to be a sharp young man with a promising future.
  17. Sorry Umbrella, I personally want to apologize for moralist scum like Centurius and strange people like Azaghul. Rest assured that the Shadow Government is still the one holding power in TOP, though. Also, obviously, we did it better.
  18. Or perhaps they should counter-offer something. It's generally how negotiations work.
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