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  1. This was a real thread on the MK forums. I copied all of those posts to a notepad file and changed the names back to the whatever name the users commonly went by. I was also living in Australia at the time so I modified all of the timestamps back to the American Central timezone to avoid standing out. That was a pain in the ass and I realize now I could have just changed my timezone on the forums... I posted the content on paste-bin and set it to expire after a month just to see who might come across it. It ended up taking 2 weeks to surface. No real reason other than b
  2. I think treaties with the other side are fine as long as both parties support coalition warfare and are alright if their partner is on the opposing side come war time. The sides won't change over time if these types of treaties aren't signed, but at the same time they do delay wars.
  3. Drai

    Fun Canadian Factoids

    Is the anthem thing a trick question where people thought "Oh Canada, our home and native land" was the first line which is technically incorrect because that is the first two lines? Or would that still have counted as being correct and we really have that many people who don't know the anthem...
  4. Drai


    I actually watched this with little knowledge ahead of time. Looking forward to game 2.
  5. Peoples' perception of you is more or less who you are in this game and any non-nation building aspect of this game is political which is hugely reliant on that perception. If you don't care then what do you play the game for? I mean any 'important' posts you make are pretty much worthless because people don't take you seriously so what are you trying to get out of this 'character' you've built? A reaction like this from your opponents? That goes back to the comment I made in the last post.
  6. And you continue the act here, well done. You have joined the ranks of: aaannndddyyy desouza fenrir locke methrage remlin Banned Member <--- welp, guess who venizelos As much of an show as you put on, that is not something to be proud of. If by some slim chance you legitimately are proud that is sad beyond any lame CN standards.
  7. Drai

    MK War Stats

    Yes that's what happens when we're outnumbered more than 3:1 in that range. The difference is that we have more money to fight with. I don't think there was any myth about the declaration ratio in that range.
  8. Drai

    MK War Stats

    We had been almost entirely out of peace mode for nearly 2 months so it's not our fault if NPO didn't want to attack during that period. Besides, they are at war with 4 other alliances. Surely there are more than enough targets with about half our nations still in war mode and Umb, FAN, NoR, and GOONS still mostly in war mode if they do choose to attack. We're not exactly hampering their efficiency if they can still declare 3 wars each. They're not in any position to cry about which nations they can and can't hit after keeping their 40k+ in peace mode for nearly 2 months.
  9. Drai

    MK War Stats

    My apologies then, I didn't see any humour in the examples so thought they were being used as some form of propaganda. First one might be a bit funny because of him being gov I guess but whatever. The point about aid isn't to prove that we're remarkable, that would be quite sad if we were proud of a 'tactic' like that. It's showing that we are able to fight wars in the lower tier, nothing more, nothing less. And if you want to take a look at the longterm which I'm assuming is where you were going with the TOP comment: So we stop aiding lower tier nations, or do so minimally. Now we continue
  10. Drai

    MK War Stats

    Do you literally think our opponents haven't had terrible warchests? We could go through and pick out a multitude of nations against us with no warchest. The difference is (apart from us having a higher percentage of adequate warchests) that we actually have the aid to fund these wars. And the capacity to rebuild.
  11. Drai

    MK War Stats

    But you forget that they can bring out their top tier nations any time they want and get them pummeled to help out in the valuable lower tier. How will we keep up then?
  12. Drai

    MK War Stats

    It's funny because you are unironically doing the same thing you accused of doing. Wordplay to change the battlefield. PS - It's a good thing wars are won in the lower tiers!
  13. Drai

    What makes Mogar tick?

    Remember topic 100000? :>
  14. We should run for Biumvirate of Trains :>
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