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  1. No, Supernova X died the moment you took power and everyone who coordinated the merger to form SNX jumped ship.
  2. Why hello there, glad you could join us. o/
  3. I'm glad to see you're still around and kicking Tela. Do let me know how this all shakes out. NADC doesn't forget old friends
  4. It was a pleasure to serve alongside you, R&R. I hope you all stay in touch.
  5. Wait wait wait wait. When did Augusta come back?
  6. I was told to come boo the old-timers. Boo Lenny N' Karl. Congrats everyone.
  7. Echelon were always loyal allies to us, and in turn we stood by them for just 4 months shy of 8 years. Good night, sweet friend. May you rest in peace. One last time, o/ Echelon
  8. Wooooow, go us, yay. Or something. I've liked R&R for some time, so I'm glad to see this finally come to pass.
  9. Wow, I think that took less time than it took Pacifica to turn on TPF. Congrats guys! If only you would.
  10. One of my earliest experiences back in 2008 was sticking my nose where it didn't belong in the war between you all and WAPA. For some time now I've always admired the way STA conducted itself. It's a shame we were never allies. Good luck to you all, and may STA rest in peace. o/
  11. Why hello, Steve. You have a rather interesting recollection of events, Steve, but I'll cut you some slack. It was 8 years ago, after all. Also, yay allies and upgrading.
  12. As Jrkee has already noted, Polaris and the NADC have not been party to any military treaty since late 2008 or, alternatively, since Blunity. Personally, I chalked the 2008 treaty up as an odd case of stockholm syndrome and Blunity as, well, it made NATO's transition over to the blue sphere easier. That was about it for Blunity's usefulness.
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