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Donall and Conall Meet Persona Non Grata

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The Unwelcome Coalition


Non Grata and the Christian Coalition of Countries, hereby referred to the parties, agree to come together in this most excellent of treaties.


1.    “Be Excellent to each other”


The parties agree not to engage in offensive acts towards each other unless previously agreed.  Situations may include war games.  They also agree to support each other economically if mutually beneficial.


2.    “Strange Things are Afoot in the Circle K”


If any intelligence which may threaten either party is discovered the other party is obligated to inform each other in an agreed manner.


3.    “That was Non-Non-Non-Non-Non Triumphant”


If either party is engaged by a hostile force, the other is encouraged but not obligated to defend.


4.    “This is not like I expected at all”


If the party needs to head elsewhere for any reason, there is a 72 hour cool down where they must remain excellent to each other.



For Non Grata:
Stewie, God-Emperor
Thrash, Silvertongue
Legend, Scorned Soldier
King Cyan (Chameleon), Brother Mugger
Kerschbs, Secret Democrat
Lyanna, Wielder of the Econ Whip
Dane0, Blood God
Erwin Schrodinger, Spirit of not even going here anymore.
Caustic, Pope of Non Grata
Lenin, Lord of misrepresentated communication

For Christian Coalition of Countries:
CCC High Council:

lilweirdward; Chancellor, Snail Wrangler, Brewers Muter, Canik's Puppet, Biggest D******* in CN, Always Right (according to Velocity), and Extremely Against TRUTH Speaking Individuals
A1ph40m3ga; His Grand Majesty, God-Emperor and Lord Protector of the CCC, First and Last of His Name, Beginning and the End, Keeper of Paradisia, Paragon of the Old Ways, Imperator of Justice, and Patriarch of Truth
Swagjuice; Immortal Emperor of the CCC

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2 minutes ago, dane0 said:



So I got this cool toy the other day and I've been practicing drawing some lines. What's everyone think so far?


Lines being drawn.


Hooray for this! 



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Titles LWW rejected for this treaty.


"The Totally Necessary but Completely Unwelcome Pact”

“The We Honestly Could Care Less About Your Opinion on this Treaty”

“Forced Evangelism is the Best Evangelism”

“Times are Changing”


But my personal favorite was


Child: Can I get a treaty?

Mom: We got a treaty at home.


Treaty at home 👇


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