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  1. Left is right from a different perspective.
  2. I accidentally declared peace and now everyone's mad at me. Also: Doom Squad, you aren't Internet Superheroes!
  3. i dunno man you needed three dawgs to jump on me and you still got dropped also: what was this vote you were discussing in the dow? I don't remember the salt that far back
  4. Let's have a little talk about saltiness, bud.
  5. Is it hentai? At least it's free!
  6. That ratty strange creature isn't worth listening to. Like the onus is upon us to open up factual dialogue...
  7. I'm willing to keep their tech farms 'entertained' forever.
  8. You should have seen this place pre-karma. They went out of their way to eradicate people's repeated existence. Hello LJ.
  9. Thinking about it now, it is likely that the worldly outlook afflicting many NPO members lead them to take our alliance name literally. It might not actually be their fault!
  10. Your emojis like, really conveyed your point, man, like, damn...
  11. Who are you, little man?
  12. I'd describe it more as a diving board.
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