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Paradox Declaration of War


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Polar personally, Polar sphere? not that much of an easy win. 

So you're telling me you think Polar let its allies burn while they themselves weren't taking too much damage? I thought you were on their side of this thing.

(Ignoring the fact that starts show you're wrong, here. Even if it were true, it wouldn't be a very flattering argument.)
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You'll be leading the charge against Umbrella next war for coming up with those terms and pushing so hard for them then, right?


Um, what? I don't think W_D was referring to the terms from the last war. Oddly enough, what he mentions in this case is more reflective of what our actual desires were at the time as opposed to what actually happened. Keep pretending we came up with the terms that were implemented though when you know it's not the case.


Anyway have fun everyone with this.

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By the time this war ends, Those Iron Maiden tanks will be like Hair Metal pieces of junk!


I know it's not a good manner to post stuff like this because everyone have some people with bad WCs but the nation I'm sitting is fighting a IRON target which has:


  • 9000 infra (used to be more)
  • 8 million war chest
  • 2 days of unpaid bills
  • a navy
  • and an offensive war


Although I've seen and know there are some over 10 billion WCs in IRON, some of this is bit ridiculous. 

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Hey, at least this time with 50% of your alliance in peace mode


People can't make fun of you for pretending to fight for your allies, while actually hiding out in ............ nope, damn


Well at least you can say you jumped right in to...... nope can't do that either


Actually, no, to be fair, the few people who are fighting are really going for it, so that's something for them to be proud of

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