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  1. Congratulations! I see much success for you guys in the future.
  2. Great to see. I gained a lot of respect for Sparta after their performance in the last war.
  3. Everyone knows Pacifican banks use their slots to import tech. How cruel of you all to punish the innocent Pacifican bankers!
  4. 5 months of peace mode is so extreme for nations who have voluntarily been in peace mode for 3 months...
  5. This is a world where alliances have paid hundreds of thousands of tech in reps but suddenly requiring nations that have been avoiding damage by staying in peace mode to remain in peace mode for a period after the war is some outrageous and insulting offer that no alliace would ever agree to? Give me an effing break.
  6. I would accept the terms they were offered. If we kept our upper tier in peace mode the whole war it's not a big hit to have them stay in peace mode for a few months more. They still come out without taking any damage.
  7. A reasonable offer was made but NPO is refusing everything except white peace.
  8. It doesn't matter that we have a smaller amount of nations, we still have the largest upper tier in this war outside of Umbrella and IRON. Why would those nations be told to fight if they haven't fought yet and NPO is looking for a peace deal?
  9. NPO has 6 more 100k ns nations than even TOP does. I'd say that's a pretty sizable upper tier.
  10. Unreasonable? It's unreasonable to expect to lose a war with your upper tier still intact.
  11. Neutrals are taking all the sanction spots!
  12. Right, keep telling yourself that Athens impacted the game more than LUE or GOONS. Athens was never anything more than a second rate alliance. Not trying to talk shit, just being honest. For the record, I was never in any of those alliances and have no reason to promote them. I was in BoSS and GOLD but I'm not delusional enough to pretend they had as major of an impact on the game as you are with Athens. I just see how ridiculous it is that you plead for people to vote based on political impact in the game instead of how much they liked an alliance and then proceed to vote your largely irrelev
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