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  1. Hey W_A_R, did you forget to go back even further to our BoSS days? That was about 10 years ago now. I was 14 back then, started playing the summer before high school. What a great way to spend a good amount of my youth...
  2. 1 NPO 2 MK 3 NpO 4 TOP 5 LUE Don't know why so many people put DBDC in their top 5 when they didn't even exist when more than a handful of people paid attention to CN politics.
  3. Can we at least keep it going til I hit top 10 in casualties?
  4. How would Santa deliver his Christmas nukes if there was a truce? The best CN gift is more casualties!
  5. Congratulations! I see much success for you guys in the future.
  6. Great to see. I gained a lot of respect for Sparta after their performance in the last war.
  7. Everyone knows Pacifican banks use their slots to import tech. How cruel of you all to punish the innocent Pacifican bankers!
  8. 5 months of peace mode is so extreme for nations who have voluntarily been in peace mode for 3 months...
  9. This is a world where alliances have paid hundreds of thousands of tech in reps but suddenly requiring nations that have been avoiding damage by staying in peace mode to remain in peace mode for a period after the war is some outrageous and insulting offer that no alliace would ever agree to? Give me an effing break.
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