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  1. Was that really fighting ? Anyway makes a change from us hitting IRON, how things have changed since I was last properly awake
  2. OTF vs The Cartel (same time but not connected to GW III I think) A member of The Cartel had tech raided one of our larger nations back when it was standard practice to raid those over 15 days inactive and had refused to pay reps The Cartel had fewer members than us but their nations were larger, we weren't big enough to have nukes and they had a couple who did Still we fought and after a week or so of war it was clear that whilst their top 5 or so nations were presently safe from us, being out of declaration range the other 15-20 were dragged down to the point where our 80 or so would drag
  3. There was another war ? Honestly it takes significant Rads or a major sacrifice of virgin blood to wake us these days But the Nukes are flying The Ice is burning Come bask in the gammas warming glowing glow
  4. Those who flee from an AA in time of war by surrendering without permission from their alliance should always be seen as fair game,
  5. Interested, WIlling to change colour and resources when asked http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=149201
  6. We are not now that strength which in old days Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are--- One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. All things to dust
  7. Some threads make you want to facepalm some even are worth a double facepalm but this one, never has a more clueless OP spoken so much manure in so few words
  8. This is a great analysis and thread: my respect. A minor share of top nations might instead be "intentionally" left out of reach for a while, to be handled much later on after having neutralized their fellows. Think of Matt Miller against The Gremlins. I don't recall ever deliberately leaving Matt alone, I do remember in Bi-Polar he took massively longer to deal with than his compatriots due to his ridiculously high starting tech level this is going to be a long war, but provided they have the commitment to go the long road then any side with a significant advantage in mid to low t
  9. Once many years ago there was an alliance on Purple called the legion, they had fought in the first few great wars, won some lost more, but were still a big deal, The other big alliance on Purple, Valhalla was at this time run by a complete psycho called NoWedge, One day legion leadership c(f)ooked up a conspiracy to coup NoWedge and put there own mate in charge of Valhalla, unfortunately they forgot that NPO and allies really ran the game at that point and would look dissaprovingly on there actions, In one night Legion Leadership disbanded the alliance and ran for cover, unfortunately they
  10. Last person to discuss something like this with me was Ramerius, shortly before bi-polar, wasn't interested TBH a Borg like alliance could be fun so long as the founders could make it work, the issue comes with those who still want to be induhhviduals
  11. [quote name='Cobalt' timestamp='1306768281' post='2720610'] There are no laws here. What we have is a loose set of generally accepted mores and behavioral standards. [/quote] In essence this, Might makes right, always has always will, Matt Nobody is forcing you to quit your nation or attacking you without reason, But, we have taken back what was ours by throwing the gauntlet down, you have now some choices You can accept our offers and walk away, you can apply to join or you can pit your own might and that of your allies against us to push us off the AA Note not even ram was
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