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  1. You should add it to your FA documents section, otherwise it might not count as official
  2. I didnt want to send out a mass pm, so it's not everyone. Sorry for being so inactive in our hatred, but here you go: We do not like polaris. signed HellAngel Masterbake Inferno Beazy Bob Janova Sakuras Synth_FG Liquid Mercury Does it count as well documented now?
  3. Thats the spirit. Whats wrong with some good old fashioned hate and revenge plot? It's getting boring, gotta bring the classics out.
  4. Fun stuff, how did that came to happen anyway? You have to realize we have been in a coma and only woke up when we realized our allies might need our help. Nothing wrong with that. Im gonna leave the details to those who really care. The revenge thing is more of a personal vendetta by LM (and to the little part i still care, also me), the rest of Gremlins just roll along with it because you're not exactly a sympathy spreading alliance.
  5. Want me to get everyone to sign a statement that we dont like Polaris?
  6. Grämlins are like a coma patient. Only when we feel the radiation we wake from our slumber. May god have mercy on those who disturbed our rest.
  7. funny people are still bringing up the codex, i mean it's cool and all and in my mind i am still bound to it, but it's been released like 6 years ago in the first incarnation of the alliance. It's not exactly a recent document, other than that treaty we just signed.
  8. I havent even been here for about 2 years, but yeah i thought i'd put in some last words for you guys. Love or hate, you were never boring. You kept people on their toes, and that for itself, makes you a great alliance. Sad to see you go (if this is not another joke announcement).
  9. It's enough everyone, let it be. We've all made our points.
  10. Funny enough, people always relied on our moralist side when they needed help. When it comes in their way of power, its always a thorn in their side. Somebody has yet to prove to me in what way we were hypocritical. But is this really the topic at hand? No. Not at all. Nobody cares about our supposed hypocrisy when we're following their party line, and people always seem to take offense to it when we're not following theirs. So really, if you people are just fishing for stuff to throw at us, why not bring back Continuum as well? Why not bring !@#$ up from GW3? Not that we actually give a
  11. Thats so not true. Bob is totally useless.
  12. Old faces make me reminisce. Godspeed, feanor.
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