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  1. I used to think that. But on my latest: 4/3/2013 6:35:42 AM (1,340 Days) I've already had for 3.5 years... which is a long time too. Hard to believe that I first started this endeavor about 10 years ago (!)..
  2. This has been broken for years, I reported this a long time ago as the math doesn't match the description.
  3. I fondly remember my days working with (and arguing with!) TOP. And our adventures in foreign worlds many years ago..
  4. I blame IRON for taking me from an inactive lurker to someone who was way too involved in everything CN. Lots of fun conversations back in the day. Will always remember jumping in to hit FAN and no one having any idea what we were doing
  5. I will say, this thread makes me so ridiculously glad that my first nation is no longer with us. Now I have to do math to realize how many years there has been an enderland playing this forsaken game..
  6. I... have been around far too long. 12/22/2011 8:54:27 PM (1,454 days old) That also doesn't include the previous nations which were first started about 3200 days ago. Almost a decade ago (!). Wow.
  7. Because ultimately, if everyone here only played the nation simulator aspect, the "game" (which encompasses a political simulator, the nation simulator aspects of buying things, paying bills, etc, is secondary aspect to this for nearly everyone) would be dead. As a nation simulator, CN has nothing to offer for entertainment compared to numerous games out there. If the "draw" of CN is people to sign in daily, do a few clicks, and "play" a game and that's fine - but if that is the primary "draw" to CN it will ultimately doom CN. This is exactly my point! That was all done by facets of this game other than the "nation simulator" aspects. The events leading up to GW2/GW3? Were those led by people who treated this as a nation simulator and played it without engaging others? Who sat on None and didn't coordinate/interact with other players? Or was it by people who considered it a political simulator? The thing that has been missing from CN for many years is the interesting political simulator aspects. And for many, the ability to compete against other games which satisfy the daily "looking for entertainment" aspects. If CN's greatest draw is a daily nation simulator it will fail to keep up with other games that are far more entertaining/interesting on a daily basis. This more or less is exactly why I don't think that losing those nations really matters. As nations if they don't want to partake in the greater game that is happening (the political simulator, alliances, OWF, etc) then all CN loses when they leave is a trade partner. It's amusing to me that in your lengthy post everything you talk about as a positive/interest from CN is only possible because you were involved in some sort of non-nation simulator aspects (OWF, alliance, political simulator, etc). None of the things you are extolling as a reason to play the game are part of the game for those who sit on "none." So it didn't work over EIGHT years ago so it won't work again? How many nations during this time had billions upon billions in their warchests? How many had significant military wonders, WRCs, Manhattan Projects, etc? As a single nation I could personally finance 6 nations in a 2015-NONE setup indefinitely even if I came under constant attack for a year straight given my warchest. And whenever (if?) I ever got small enough, I'd have the means to wreck completely anyone below 10k NS. There are alliances that do this and have for presumably years. GPA has had a "load up small nations with nukes for tech raid defense" program that appears to be called Small Sentinels - build up a small, 6000 NS nation with nuclear weapons to discourage tech raiders in their lower ranks. I know it's easier to complain/lament the times in the past, and dream of a better tomorrow, but there are so many more nations in position now to take up the NONE banner effectively than ever before. Get a Manhattan Project (you aren't using your aid slots, but have DRA/FAC, so in 20 days you can get the 100M and I'm sure there are people in your alliance would be more than happen to sponsor it who are in similar position to me - tons of cash, not using aid slots). Get the Hidden Nuclear Silo next and you're good to go. My point is, if this is something you are so passionate about there are many, many ways you can take actions that are far more effective than simply lamenting the good times of nearly a decade ago.
  8. What problem is this trying to solve? If your concern is purely number of nations, perhaps this is an ok approach. But if your concern is that the game is dying how does this help? The negative outcome of raiding normally is people who are not really playing the game anyways. Just weight and numbers, realistically. Even if I grant that raiding drives these players from the game - is that actually a negative? Sure there are less people, but if CN had 5000 people who were really seriously playing the game (which isn't just logging in and paying bills/collecting taxes) it'd be in a way better place than if it had fewer actually playing but more nation. There are a lot of people who get more involved in CN as a result of raiding - whether the one who is raiding or the raided person. The problem that CN has it that the alliance structure deliberately contributes to stagnation because so few of the remaining players are actually interested in doing anything (myself included, I hardly know why I'm still here to be honest). To make this interesting, to keep people around, you need a reason to care, have a goal, etc. For years there were goals that drove people to care - the whole cycle of the GWII/GWIII all the way through Karma - that was a story arc that was actually interesting. It was FUN to be part of politics trying to take down NPO. It was a draw. But now? What is there? If we turn this place into a giant hugglefest and peace party it gets boring as hell. At least the people raiding are doing something. They are creating interactions, causing tension. At this point no one even cares about that though. You want to help fix CN? Get an alliance together of one huge nations that are now less than 10k NS and have them enforce the NONE anti-raiding policies. Enforce it against all alliances. Stir up something. Cause drama. But not raiding none? Even if it solves everything you want to solve with it (players leaving) it's not going to address what has been killing this game for years - apathy and boredom.
  9. There are a few people I have never wanted to leave, you are one of them. o7 Take care my friend.
  10. Reading your writing outloud, or at the very least reading it while saying it in your head, is the best way to make writing better.
  11. Ok, find, you want us to look at lyricalz. https://cybernations.lyricalz.com/aid?nation1=445021&nation2= So it looks like this is the only aid offer you've sent with soldiers, in a long time. I think you'll find your complete lack of soldiers sent with your other aid money quite damning. Or that this aid reason is completely uncharacteristic of your other aid reasons when you historically have non-provocative aid messages, like "6M/200" or such. Yeah, so I'm glad you told me to look at lyricalz because now I know for a matter of fact that you did this intentionally to antagonize DBDC and make a fool of yourself.
  12. It's amazing how a few vocal members can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
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