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  1. Former Oculus member here (Sengoku, Umbrella)— y’all should try it. Just bow down to them. What’s the point really? They’re just allowing you to bicker amongst yourselves lol
  2. I dont think this will be as exciting as you seem to think
  3. What is it with wars being declared, people being outwardly hostile, and then a month later it’s “hey we reached an agreement! Thanks for the wars! It was fun! We got to use nukes! Awesome!” Are yall not still pissed about what caused this? Suddenly everything’s cool? Some pixels getting erased just totally dampened everyone’s grievances? Wheres the determination
  4. It would have happened to all of us by now if you could
  5. Is anyone going to say something, or should i...?
  6. Or how about following up an OWF declaration of war with more than one nation/war declared? People are losing track of what’s important
  7. The more the merrier. We encourage everyone to declare war on everyone
  8. I was hoping this was a dissolution announcement but congrats on 10 years i guess.
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