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  1. tobbogon


    It would have happened to all of us by now if you could
  2. tobbogon

    to the NPO

    TGE 3.0
  3. tobbogon

    A new power rises

    Is anyone going to say something, or should i...?
  4. tobbogon

    A new power rises

    Hail GGA. Peace and Prosperity for All!
  5. tobbogon

    Slow, but still kickin'

    Or how about following up an OWF declaration of war with more than one nation/war declared? People are losing track of what’s important
  6. I stand corrected. Thanks for taking on Losinglife for us
  7. The more the merrier. We encourage everyone to declare war on everyone
  8. tobbogon

    A Clerical Note

    So you are allied to PPO then..
  9. tobbogon

    Horses without Armor

  10. tobbogon

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    I was hoping this was a dissolution announcement but congrats on 10 years i guess.
  11. tobbogon

    A righteous declaration of war!

    This is great. I am in full support of attacking any nation that refuses any trades!
  12. tobbogon

    FTW Announcements

    Good and all but forums are a waste. Congradulations on the milestones though; I’m glad to see some people prospering still
  13. tobbogon

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    That’s just not true. Their primary function in the game so far has been against rogues, true, but it’s really just a game tool that admin put there for us to use as we like. In this case the way “we” like is in direct opposition to you. Sorry not sorry
  14. tobbogon

    An Umbrella Announcement

    We might be able to round up a few nations if you want....?