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  1. Denizens of Planet Bob, According to Norse legend, the tale of Ragnarok foretells a great and terrible battle at the end of the world. Taken literally, Ragnarok roughly translates to "twilight of the gods," with a subtext of "final destiny," and for good reason. In this battle, old scores are settled and many great figures on both sides perish. The earth itself is set ablaze, then is submerged in water, destroying nearly everything that remains. Out of all this destruction, however, a new and better world is born, and in this way Ragnarok heralds a cyclical renewal. Six years ago to this very day, a new alliance was born from the remnants of a shattered alliance. While its founders had little experience in global politics, they possessed a vision of something special. Of an alliance that was fierce in battle, surely. But also of a community of equals, no matter how small or large a nation, that would always stand by one another and its allies, no matter the political cost. This vision ultimately became Ragnarok, and that ethos became embodied in the philosophy of RoK > Rokkers > Self and in our motto, "To Hell and Back, Together." While many alliances surely see themselves as special, and to some degree are correct in this view, there are definitely those that clearly stand out from the rest. By any measure, Ragnarok has surely been such an alliance. Ragnarok became the second-fastest alliance ever to reach sanction, and at one time was home to over 600 nations. We quickly engaged in the global power struggle, and for four straight years were at the center of global politics. With the help of our allies in SuperFriends, we orchestrated and spearheaded the beginnings of the Karma War in what we initially thought was a suicide run, only to discover 24 hours later that we had lit a fuse on a sea change in the global order that still ripples outwards today. We have directly impacted the outcomes of several global wars since, for better or for worse, and our commitment to our allies has become legendary, as time and again we have refused to ignore our commitments to our allies in the name of politics. As a body and as individuals on the global stage, we have stood apart, and that is something to be proud of. It is in the light of this great history then, with much regret and a very heavy heart, that I must announce the formal disbandment of Ragnarok. As a lifelong member of Ragnarok myself, this is not something that we choose to do willingly or lightly. Ragnarok is and will forever be our home. But out of respect for our members, our allies, and the institution of Ragnarok itself and all it stands for, we feel that it is time to finally lay this great project to rest. Just as the Norse Ragnarok must destroy itself to create something new, so now must we. Before we disperse to the four winds, on behalf of Ragnarok and all Rokkers past and present, I would like to thank everyone who has ever been our friend or ally. True friends are severely lacking in this world and as such, it has been an honor and a pleasure to serve and fight with each and every one of you. A special thanks to our friends in NATO, who have stood with us through thick and thin, and who have graciously agreed to provide our members with protection during our transition, just as they provided us with protection all those years ago. And with that, we set our torches to Ragnarok's funeral pyre as it sails toward the western horizon. While this is farewell to this world as an institution, know that Ragnarok will forever live on in our hearts and in our legacy. The House that Hoo Built transcends alliance affiliation--wherever we go, we will always be Rokkers. One final time then... o/ Ragnarok
  2. [center][img]http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j165/MistahHoo/RoKLogo.png[/img][/center] [center]Denizens of Planet Bob: Two of the following three things are true: Ragnarok just celebrated its fifth birthday, Yukon Don has stepped down as Emperor, and we are closing our doors. In what I am sure shall come as a great disappointment to our naysayers, Ragnarok in fact turned five on September 21st (we were far too drunk to make an announcement) and shortly thereafter Emperor Yukon Don announced his retirement from the royal throne, citing real life committments. Rather than close our doors, however, Yukon Don asked me to serve as his successor and somehow conned me into accepting. Therefore, Cyberverse, I come to you today as Wombaticus, 7th Emperor of Ragnarok. Those few of you who remember me may recall that I am of an era of Old-Time Rokkers, back from the original Van Hoo administration. I come to this position at a time of transition for Ragnarok. As I began my administration last week, I promised my alliance that we will now endeavor to make everything old new again, and begin anew with a fresh slate. Part of that is our new government, a mix of old and new: Emperor: Wombaticus Regent: Jekalle Skati of War: Kinzer Skati of Foreign Affairs: TheRec Skati of Internal Affairs: Lysandros Skati of Finance: xgoartemis Skati of Education: Brandon1 Emperor's Guard: Daedric_Banrae With this new regime also comes new efforts, both internal and external, to renew our home and our history. Ragnarok will once again turn outwards to greet friends both old and new, strengthening ancient ties and building novel ones. I hope that all of you, regardless of your feelings about the past, will join with us as we stride into a new future.[/center] [center]o/ Ragnarok[/center]
  3. Damnit Alf, you've got me posting in this cesspool again. Unacceptable... Best of luck to you out in the real world. We had some fantastic times together and I only regret that I wasn't able to stay active longer with you and the rest of the old timers. It should speak volumes about the impact you've had here by the unanimity of opinion from all across the web expressed in this thread. I'd try to con you into staying, but I know others have tried. And goodness knows, I had half a mind to do the same thing after the Biodad affair. Please keep in touch--I'm always just a RoK forum PM away, and if you harass Jekalle enough I'm sure he can make sure you get other ways to contact me. o/ AvT
  4. [quote name='ELSheepO' timestamp='1315171466' post='2794833'] cattle water here [/quote] I also have Cattle and Water and am very much interested in this circle--Joe Stupid can vouch for me as a reliable circle member.
  5. Update. Two new sellers wanted. Same terms apply, long-term efficiency bonuses still in effect. PM in-game.
  6. Bump. One new seller needed. Same terms apply, PM in-game.
  7. Update. Additional seller desired. Same terms of $3 mil/100 tech apply, as do the bonuses for regular slot punctuality.
  8. Bump. One seller still wanted. PM in-game.
  9. Update. One new seller wanted. Same terms of $3 mil/100 tech apply, as do the bonuses for regular slot punctuality.
  10. Update, new seller desired. Same price, same rules apply--must be active enough to send tech the same day the slot expires. Bonus aid packages offered for consistently on-time sellers.
  11. Update. Two more sellers wanted. Same deal, 3 mil/100 tech. Strong importance placed on slot punctuality.
  12. Bump. Update, one slot filled, still two more long-term sellers wanted.
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