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  1. [quote name='xoindotnler' timestamp='1339122712' post='2979158'] Like that's a positive thing. [/quote] What RAWR are RAWR you RAWR trying RAWR DONUTS RAWR to RAWR say? Rawr. Join Non Grata, Lenin really likes you already.
  2. o/ R&R That you guys may find what you're looking for.
  3. Sad that this happened, hopefully we can regroup and let our side of the sphere once more prevail.
  4. [quote name='Jemmm' timestamp='1336751407' post='2966283'] Hi Im Jemmm some of you may know me or heard of me anyways, I've decided to create my own alliance going towards my own goals -Trolling, Spamming, Cursing. Recently the alliance The Democratic Order has stated I'm Insane, I've come to accept that word and embraced it upon myself. Anyways about Jem Order, I like to have Power, Order and Destruction also ruling over every cn player and having authority. I need a trolling alliance to watch over Jem Order for the time being as I get more members, create a protection treaty with us. Thank You DictatorKing- Jemmm Irc #jemmm [/quote] I think NG fits the bill! Come to our forums! http://www.non-grata.net
  5. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1336668551' post='2965968'] So yeah, Bomba, you wanted to talk !@#$, so please bring the numbers up. It's also important to note that any given time if people watched the activity rate of the FOK AA, there were at least 10 or so people who hadn't managed their nations for a while, so I want to know when exactly the entire alliance showed up and voted 80% in favor of merging. Basically, what I have observed since you got into office was stuff like "A COALITION IS PLOTTING TO ROLL US AND I HAVE EVIDENCE." I mean, you're merging into an alliance that didn't notify you about leaving PB, so please. edit: I'm willing to stop anytime you'd like, but don't really push it. [/quote] It was clear for over a half year that NG was planning to leave. They only waited for us to make up our mind. And therefore I thank them. And our community is a bit different, we don't have to only communicate by private forums and the OWF. And isn't it common knowledge that almost everyone is ready for a new great war? It's not a question if such a war will come, it will come. It would be stupid to deny that. And pardon me for preparing my alliance for the next war.
  6. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1336668298' post='2965965'] Here, I'm going to point this out: on your forums it shows how many people log in regularly. It has never been particularly high as of late for FOK members. Only around 35 have logged in the past 24 hours. I didn't really want to have to get into it. I'm not really sure what you're asking here since I wasn't talking out of my ass. Are you asking me to attack you or something? It's kind of funny that you dispute me having any support at all when previous governments were more than favorable. [/quote] I ask that you return to reality. You talk like you know everything and that everybody cares about you and thinks about you. But you aren't a force that is known on the whole of planet BoB. The only reason people know you is because you like spamming on the OWF and you like to talk about upcoming wars with 100m+ attacking parties that will follow you. However clear data has never been released by you or your alliance. You're just getting on my nerves because you miss the normal knowledge about when to shut up. But come with some names if you want to prove me wrong. I'm open minded.
  7. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1336667328' post='2965956'] I mean, [b]most[/b] alliances won't have 80% of their membership vote on anything. It's [b]usually[/b] 80% of a smaller size of the population. I don't [b]think[/b] more than maybe 35-40 actively participated in the process. Also, like I said, I can't agree with your decision here. [/quote] Stop with the thinking if you don't know the numbers. FOK always was special, FOK always will be special and perhaps FOK will be special again in the future. Nobody, not even you with your eagerness to start discussions in this topic to let the thoughts about FOK disappear, will change that. You have a big mouth, but where is your army of supporters? Who does actually support you? Everybody I know doesn't take your seriously and that is for a reason. Stop making the name of not only yourself but also of others worse. Put your money where your mouth is. Quit this game that you can't win, that would be better for everyone.
  8. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1336654154' post='2965850'] You mean of the minority that logs into their forums, right? I mean it should just say: "the active 20-30 wanted to do it." [/quote] Why so mean? And you got the numbers wrong.
  9. [center][img]http://i56.tinypic.com/2z5u4x0.png[/img][/center] [size="3"]For more than 5 years a large and powerful ship has been sailing on planet Bob. Unfortunately, there is an end to every voyage and every ship will eventually sink. Even with a ship as great and mighty as this. It was time for us to look at our current situation and to compare it to that of other ships. It seemed that there was so much more to be gained in terms of activity and fun in the ship called Non Grata. Most of us will therefore now make the transition to Non Grata. We thank the ones who go to other places or stop for the great time we have had with each other. We must be honest; [color="#FF8C00"][b]FOK[/b][/color] did not only simply exist on planet Bob. We have withstood the test of time and have experienced periods of great success. [color="#FF8C00"][b]FOK[/b][/color] has had 13 leaders over 21 terms and has evolved from a dictatorship such as the former colony of Indonesia to a fully democratic alliance which fought for freedom, equality and fraternity. Just as the present Kingdom of the Netherlands, we can also proudly compete with the political leaders both of the past and the present. We are not solely responsible for bringing this kind of success. It also depended on other large vessels that sailed or are still sailing on planet BoB. These ships have sailed under the name:[/size] [list] [*]UNH, [*]TGE, [*]TORN, [*]ISSF, [*]IRON, [*]CMEA, [*]Gramlins, [*]TOP, [*]Old Guard, [*]KoC, [*]Children of Ra, [*]Orion, [*]MHA, [*]Guru Order, [*]Argent, [*]MK, [*]Fark, [*]UNION, [*]PC, [*]INT, [*]The Resistance, [*]NPO, [*]Valhalla, [*]The Phoenix Federation, [*]Multicolored Cross-X Alliance, [*]Sparta, [*]NATO, [*]iFOK, [*]Umbrella, [*]VE, [*]R&R, [*]GOONs, [*]Non Grata. [/list] [size="3"]We want to thank them for sailing with us and we hope that we have taken a special place in their history. We also want to thank the fleets of LEO, The Continuum and PB for the fun times cooperating together. We hope that we will have the same fun with Non Grata and continue to enjoy everything on planet Bob. We hope that, together, we can look back on a great time but also forwards to a better future. Long live [color="#FF8C00"][b]FOK[/b][/color], the alliance that not only has protected me from danger from the very beginning but also has given me the chance to grow. We hope that [color="#FF8C00"][b]FOK[/b][/color] may once again rise to the top of the alliance rankings, but until then, we from [color="#FF8C00"][b]FOK[/b][/color] salute you! [/size] This is signed by, [img]http://images.wikia.com/cybernations/images/5/5f/Fokcoa.png[/img] President: BombaAriba Vice-president: Timmehhh Minister of Future Affairs: Ecnelis Minister of Internal Affairs: Cool15 Deputy of Internal Affairs: X-ione Minister of Economic Affairs: Triple12 Minister of Defense: Timmehhh Deputy of Defense: MrGorba [spoiler]Maar liefst 5 jaar heeft er een groot en machtig schip over de planeet BoB gevaren. Helaas komt er aan ieder schip een eind en zal een schip uiteindelijk ten onder gaan. Zo ook bij dit eens grote en machtige schip. Het was tijd voor ons om te kijken naar onze huidige situatie en te vergelijken met andere schepen. Daaruit bleek dat er zoveel meer te behalen was qua activiteit en plezier bij het schip genaamd Non Grata. De meeste van ons zullen nu dan ook de overstap maken naar Non Grata. De gene die naar andere oorden gaan of stoppen bedanken wij voor de fijne tijd die wij met elkaar hebben doorgemaakt. Want we moeten eerlijk zijn, Fok! is niet zomaar een alliantie op planeet BoB gebleven. Wij hebben de tand des tijds doorstaan en hebben periodes meegemaakt van groot succes. Fok! heeft maar liefst 13 presidenten en dictators meegemaakt gedurende 21 regeringsperiodes en is geƫvolueerd van een dictatuur zoals de vroegere kolonie Indonesiƫ naar een volwaardige democratische alliantie die voor vrijheid, gelijkheid en broederschap vocht. Precies zoals het huidige Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, wij kunnen ons dan ook met trots meten met de politieke leiders van het heden en van weleer. Maar dat succes hebben wij niet alleen bewerkstelligt, ons succes is ook afhankelijk geweest van andere grote schepen die over planeet BoB varen. Deze schepen hebben gevaren onder de naam: [list=1]UNH, TGE, TORN, ISSF, IRON, CMEA, Gramlins, TOP, Old Guard, KoC, Children of Ra, Orion, MHA, Guru Order, Argent, MK, Fark, UNION, PC, INT, The Resistance, NPO, Valhalla, The Phoenix Federation, Multicolored Cross-X Alliance, Sparta, NATO, iFOK, Umbrella, VE, R&R, GOONs Non Grata. [/list] Wij willen hen bedanken voor het feit dat we ooit met hen hebben samen gevaren en wij hopen dat wij een speciale plek hebben ingenomen in hun geschiedenis. Ook willen wij de vloten genaamd LEO, The Continuum en PB bedanken voor de fijne tijd die wij hebben gehad gedurende het samenwerken. Wij hopen dat wij bij Non Grata met dezelfde plezier aan de gang kunnen gaan en kunnen genieten van planeet BoB met al haar activiteiten. Wij hopen dan ook dat we met elkaar terug kunnen kijken op een geweldige periode en dat wij nu ook met elkaar naar een goede toekomst kunnen kijken. Lang leve FOK! de alliantie die niet alleen mij vanaf het begin heeft beveiligd voor gevaar maar ook optie tot groeien heeft geboden. Op dat FOK! ooit weer mag schijnen aan de bovenkant van de alliance rankings maar tot die tijd wenst FOK! u gedag. [/spoiler]
  10. Seriously, this is just spam. Can't you place it in another subforum?
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