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  1. Second motion. Also we all know the only thing a warmed up bagel is good for.
  2. Enjoy retirement Gibs, you were always fun to chat with. Good luck to the rest of y'all as well.
  3. Discard DK, acquire Scotland? Enjoy the new landscape Tywin.
  4. There are only two legitimate Imperial Decrees; Those from Pacifica and Those from Polaris. Everything else is second hand.
  5. We've still got your back bros, even though he hasn't fired back a single CM. Best rogue ever?
  6. Saladjoe


    Get on steam and play AOE some time!
  7. Agreed, wana was the worst by far.
  8. Enjoy the rocking chair Baltus, you've certainly earned it.
  9. This will change everything.
  10. Poor WC having to deal with this mess, I don't envy you. Have fun blowing up meth "I'm unironically a libertarian" rage.
  11. So this is how democracy dies, with thunderous bear claws.
  12. Well played sir. Also Tywin thanks, enjoy killing methrage or whatever is going on with y'all.
  13. I was in GPA in 2006 and I was the MoD of TOP during Woodstock. I feel like that puts me on at least the third ring of hell when I finally get what's coming to me.
  14. They should hand out T-shirts for anyone that actually made it through that post.
  15. Glad to see MI6 making some moves post war, congrats to both parties.
  16. We did it better. ;) But congrats guys, especially to Polaris. Good to see something interesting around here.
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