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  1. Neo Uruk

    Orderly Duck Disciples

    stevie finally kissed enough ass to matter?
  2. Neo Uruk

    Wolves have Claws too!

    I keep quoting Hitchcock instead of WC because I'm mobile but I can buy it, I suppose. I still hate you all
  3. Neo Uruk

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Some didn't even wait for the words "go" or "no"~
  4. Neo Uruk

    Joint Declaration FTW

    A key difference, and one literally everyone ever knows, is that NG attacked IRON. IRON is more than within their right to defend themselves, and if their allies want to help it's fine. I don't think anyone would care but NG.
  5. Neo Uruk

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Doesn't matter how many times GK insults you; still hilarious that you dragged another top 5 alliance in to the dogpile
  6. Neo Uruk

    Wolves have Claws too!

    did yall actually need this to hit an alliance that scrapes the top 50 lmao
  7. Neo Uruk

    Joint Declaration FTW

    Damn, this is actually straight up one of the most cowardly overkill declarations I've seen in a while. Is cobra really on the level of mi6 and snx lmfao
  8. Neo Uruk

    to the NPO

    good choice
  9. damn, you're ready to cave to their demands so soon after saying they're PZI?
  10. Neo Uruk

    UIN alert 1

    i feel you will be successful in your 3rd alliance in under 3 days
  11. damn dude you can't just pretend you're a different alliance. they clearly have the Mostly Harmless Alliance AA, and it's pretty classless to just imitate a historic alliance, and especially to then declare war on them and threaten to run them off their own AA. groveling for aid is also despicable. your own alliance's description even claims to be a "temporary" home. so your greatest claim to being the "real" mha is that you are a "temporary" mha. yikes.
  12. Neo Uruk

    MHA Declaration of War

    my favorite part of that war was sparta committing to flip sides but going through with the losing war just because they had the reputation and wanted to prove they could take damage then complaining they took too much damage and just staying with xx
  13. Neo Uruk

    MHA Declaration of War

    i want to say they lost something obscene like 100 members when they got hit in 2011/2012
  14. Neo Uruk

    MHA Declaration of War

    umbrella literally helped hold up the destruction of sf/xx's sphere for months, largely out of a sense of loyalty to mha/sparta mostly sparta because let's be honest at their peak mha was incredibly ineffective but had some cool people