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  1. Hm yes I'm very shocked that you can't point out how saying mean things is the equivalent of a grown ass man asking a kid if she has been harassed today
  2. Jerge literally nobody itt that I can think of made unwanted comments towards minors that I can think of so the "you've all been worse" routine is definitely falling upon deaf ears
  3. I just want to point out that countering people actively raiding the alliance has been SOP everywhere I can remember resting my nation since 2009. Why would you ask permission to punch someone back?
  4. I've never seen anyone in cobra give off the trenchcoat flasher vibe, especially to a minor, but say what you will
  5. Lol my man you shouldn't be relying on a non-$%&@in-member for your information on who an alliance is protecting
  6. You think you've ever had the power to leave me anywhere?
  7. Al Bundy being the biggest schmuck possible continues to be entertaining
  8. And you're a lobotomized shell of a man
  9. It is literally the same void of content. So no.
  10. I simply cant believe, as someone who had that little bit of !@#$%^& inside him nurtured greatly by this community, that a woman would be treated poorly!
  11. I mean I'm going to believe people who provide details and evidence of wrongdoing over a guy who comes to the forums trying to get dirt on his enemies and then immediately defaults to, and fails at, trolling us
  12. Reliable sources say no jobs were lost, only discord servers which were granting nsfw access to minors
  13. Y'know, I think "prince of mk when anything at all mattered" is probably the most credibility any active player has
  14. Which is why it's still standing today good job
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