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  1. I simply cant believe, as someone who had that little bit of !@#$%^& inside him nurtured greatly by this community, that a woman would be treated poorly!
  2. I mean I'm going to believe people who provide details and evidence of wrongdoing over a guy who comes to the forums trying to get dirt on his enemies and then immediately defaults to, and fails at, trolling us
  3. Reliable sources say no jobs were lost, only discord servers which were granting nsfw access to minors
  4. Y'know, I think "prince of mk when anything at all mattered" is probably the most credibility any active player has
  5. Which is why it's still standing today good job
  6. Yeah dude wiki includes all the details
  7. You gonna grow a personality if he does?
  8. Invaluable NPO ally and oculus member non grata sure did wear their flag poorly
  9. I just want to say that i am the most fascinating aspect of all8ane culture Also that I really can not believe how hard canik seems to be plugging his ears these days. He used to be the one to present controversial ideas.... With actual thoughts applied... when I met him
  10. Who the $%&@ lets al Bundy style on them
  11. Whole lotta dumb surface-stats in this post
  12. Karma was very hilarious in that regard, but I was referring to Bipolar. Which IRON only helped kick off because they were confident in winning.
  13. I would hope that all of IRON are at least somewhat aware of how even the technically impressive feats achieved are a sour mark. IRON has not been in a losing conflict for almost a decade -- and not for a lack of allies in need of help.
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