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  1. For shame. Besides Bagel it's not up to you alone. No such vote was held. To end Cybernations and TOP with this note - to kick Lolil whoever now - just ruins it.
  2. Umbrella seems to be active. I wanted to send them some tech because berbers promised to war everyong who techdeal with Umbrella. But the first 3 nations I clicked on had full slots. TOP's using 9 slot per 26 people
  3. DoW when Stellaris and HoI4 game out? U mad?
  4. I'm just sad that Planet Bob will end its' existance before TPF has any chance to get revenge. At least due to Pacifica you know perfectly well how to dish out damage in a losing war. Go get 'em.
  5. Distasetful isn't the act of preempting your best ally you ever had and dropped few months ago for totally legit reasons (no irony). Distasetful is your e-laweyering and lack of ability to suck it up and say "yeah it sucks but hey at least we got decent fighters as oponents".
  6. It's NPO mate. What government says is the free will and opinion of the Body Republic. Goverment running at 105% approval rate.
  7. If my count is correct then Sparta was part of XX for nearly 4 years where they fought 3 losing and 2 victorious wars as part of the bloc. Who ever blames them for runnign away after every single defeat or bandwagoning to a winning side should get a reality check. That said I wish best of luck to all sides.
  8. I'm glad to see XX getting peace. Best of luck on rebuilding to all.
  9. Well fought MI6. Best of luck on rebuilding.
  10. Compulsory best of luck to all sides. But how many "treaties and other agreements" did you have to word it like that?
  11. Congrats to both parties.
  12. But that was the point. GOONS has kept us informed and we understand their position very well. I don't know anyone in TOP who holds it against them. And quite frankly I'm appalled that this stance can be held against them, but then again it is CN.
  13. The fact that some people still hate MK that badly that they need to call them worst alliance ever a year after they disbanded, just goes to prove how well MK succeeded. They did not only stay on top CN longer that pre Karma NPO; they also left a stronger legacy.
  14. Guru Order - aside smontag, no one in that alliance had half a brain. Their offical stance was (is?) that 30 days of bills is an okay War Chest. Their allies always start sending them aid even before they declare a war. NPL - only reason they existed was that they hated GOONS. Only reason they hated GOONS was that DoomHouse accidentally declared on them and MK and Umbrella were out of range. So GOONS had to do the heavy lifting. I swear to god some days I thought only thing that NPLers know about CN is "I hate GOONS" KerberosNexus - most. annoying. alliance. ever. Reavers - It's not just them, but Cable&Co also had a similar idea - that Office themed alliance. I hate it when small clique of people get removed from government because they can't lead their alliance anymore, so they get so pissed off they make their own 10 man alliance and think their so cool and in the midst of politics again. If you sucked at the helm of your NPO/MHA or whatever your background is, what makes you think your 10 man alliance will do better or even be relevant? I wasnt around to really see GGA so I can not nominate them, but I'll leave one spot open.
  15. OK you got us berbers. We were about to roll Umbrella for hitting MI6 but got cold feet because we were afraid NATO would chain in. How about having you as an opposition instead of an ally?
  16. When I originally made Razzies in CN they were not intended to down play anyone publicly or humiliate recipients; I intended to mock the Unknown Smurf's CN Awards competition. Today I find it funny how Mi6 and Tywin are trying to hide being hurt by this public unpopularity contest. If it truly is as irrelevant, why pay it so much attention and arguing back; especially in the 5th topic this year. Both of you were cheering for your own wins in the previous topics. Despite being allied to both of you from my point of view as author of OP; I had to reflect what public voted for. Last year for example IRON had a sweep of collecting 5 awards. This year I cut one of the categories (Loser of the Year) because last year showed in voting pattern it was covered by Worst Alliance and Wost Diplo Team. For some reason people kept voting for alliances who were "losers" not "had lost the most". Another category cut before voting was the worst treaty for the lack of decent nominations. Aside nominations like "All of them" and few mergers. Why am I saying this? Both of these lost and forgotten Razzies went to IRON last year. So in fair comparison Mi6 you got 2 this year, in same categories IRON got 3 last year. Look at where they are now. They didn't !@#$%* about it. The alliance most likely to fail in 2014 had an awesome year I'd say. Atlas, SNX and the entire Aft are pretty "meh" about their Razzies. No one really cares, seems neither do they. Commies even wanted the Aft's Razzie for themselves. But I'm not really worried about you Mi6, you just had some truely bad last months of the year. But Tywin in denial is just humorous.
  17. Golden Raspberry Awards 2014. Worst Alliance Of The Year: Mi6 Mi6 congratulations in this hard competition your star of failure has managed to out shine everyone this year. You have been elected as the worst alliance of the year. And no, it's nothing to be proud of. Worst Military of the Year: Atlas For those of you (much like me 10 mins ago) who do not know who is Atlas. It's this 66 nation alliance who was one of many to pile of Invicta in current global war. Although out numbering the enemy god knows how much Atlas has managed to take more than twice the damage loss as they have been able to inflict on Invicta. Congrats you truely guys deserve this award. Worst Block of the Year: Aftermath You guys are even less popular than the bunch of commies with their mind blowing dramas. No wonder you're getting rolled. Most Inactive Large Alliance: Mostly Harmless Alliance For the second year in a row... Worst Diplomatic Team: Mi6 You've only not managed to lose your Umbrella, but you've managed to turn what used to be statistically your strongest ally into an enemy. Congrats with second Razzie this year, you're almost as unpopular as Tywin Lannister. That's saying something. Alliance Most Likely To Fail in 2015: SNX 32% of people on Planet Bob think you will be the failure in upcoming year. The other 68% just didn't think you'd make it that far. Worst Player of the Year: Tywin Lannister No comment. Worst Leader of the Year: Tywin Lannister No comment. Worst Theme Used in 2014: Tywin's works (Global Stability, Lulzism etc.) Tywin I hope you see a pattern here. Just don't, please don't post. _______________________________________ Disclaimer: Since I haven't been able to lock the polls, some votes may slightly change in the future as people cast more votes. Awards will still stay with the current recipients.
  18. For Tywin: SNX and previously that Game of Thrones themed alliance. What was it's name again? Rey had his own AA for a while. I'm not sure how that one is doing or if it's even alive.
  19. Valhalla is quite popular among the voters as an alliance likely to fail next year. I wonder is people on both sides of the front are pissed at them temporarily for leading both sides on and then sitting the war out :p
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