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Hello to everyone!
This war really is about grudges and I’m surprised The Order of the Paradox’s coalition ever attempted to convince people otherwise.  TOP, Fark, and the New Polar Order have attacked our allies by using obsolete information that clearly had been discarded and even forgotten about. We all know this. We all know the real reasons they are attacking NSO.
The NpO has no qualms with declaring war on the allies and friends of their allies.  They demonstrated this by doing so last war.  But Non Grata respects it’s allies.  In genuine gratitude for all that IRON and Valhalla have done for Non Grata, we do not declare war on Fark or the NpO.
Now TOP…..
You’ve plotted and schemed your way to the head of the pack.  You’ve signed strategic tie after strategic tie.  You define the word realpolitik.  And you’ve done a masterful job inching your way to the leader of your coalition.  Your ego and confidence have exploded along the way reminding us how you were just before you attacked CnG during BiPolar and during your grudge war with NpO.
Clearly, you have no issues declaring war for no reason other than you merely dislike them.  This cannot stand.
Non Grata declares war on The Order of the Paradox in defense of the New Sith Order.

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I really have no strong feelings on either alliance. However, the feelings I do have are mostly negative. I can only say that my feelings about this front are similar to my feelings on the MI6/VE front. I hope you both destroy each other.


I thought you liked us.  :(

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