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  1. Saladjoe

    Another Paradoxian Presentation

    Second motion. Also we all know the only thing a warmed up bagel is good for.
  2. Saladjoe

    A Special Announcement from Paradoxia

    Johan wills it!
  3. Enjoy retirement Gibs, you were always fun to chat with. Good luck to the rest of y'all as well.
  4. Discard DK, acquire Scotland? Enjoy the new landscape Tywin.
  5. Saladjoe

    Blood Eagle has been performed

    This is something I can get behind.
  6. Saladjoe

    "imperial Decree"?

    There are only two legitimate Imperial Decrees; Those from Pacifica and Those from Polaris. Everything else is second hand.
  7. Saladjoe

    10 Years, 10 Very Long Years

    We've still got your back bros, even though he hasn't fired back a single CM. Best rogue ever?
  8. Saladjoe

    Imperial Decree - New Polar Order

    Great moves Polaris, keep it up. Proud of you!
  9. Saladjoe


    Get on steam and play AOE some time!
  10. Saladjoe

    Announcement From Pandora's Box

    Well played announcement, have fun out there. 
  11. Saladjoe

    Good Bye

    Agreed, wana was the worst by far.
  12. Enjoy the rocking chair Baltus, you've certainly earned it.