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  1. This will change everything.
  2. Thanks for all your hard work Gopher.
  3. One of the best developments in months, thank you.
  4. Facebook diplomacy killed this game.
  5. Hate to agree with stewie but this x1000.
  6. Saladjoe

    The 'C' word

    Keep fighting the good fight Daj, we're here for you.
  7. It's like it's trying to communicate with us..
  8. "Someone else do something so I won't be bored!" - OP
  9. Putting elevator, tywin and knights on ignore did a heck of a lot for the quality of the OWF in general, at least for me.
  10. Only our Glorious Kaiser can determine the path the Empire must follow.
  11. May sweet death embrace you in the most prolonged and painful fashion. lol jk get better soon
  12. I'll take a blog based on sarcastic wit over a blog based on sheer ignorance any day of the week. And twice on Thursdays.
  13. Saladjoe


    Per OWF standards, no u?
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