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  1. The Scourge is now recruiting new nations to help fill our alliance! We're very new, however I've gained a lot of skills and experience from my time in Supernova X which is passed down to all of our newer nations. Our government positions are mostly open meaning if you're looking to get a high rank in an alliance, it'll be fairly easy! We offer trade circles and tech deals to all of our members who apply on our forums. Some nations may not want to use our forums, which we allow. If you don't want to sign up on our forums, you will receive protection from us however you will not be able to apply for trade circles or tech deals. If you don't want to be raised from the dead, our Diplomatic District is open to any and all alliances. Sign up on our forums to visit us! http://scourgecn.clanz.co/ Please send me any questions! Anadaric, Lich King of The Scourge
  2. After first joining the SNX over a year ago, I can declare that they are some of the best people I've ever met!
  3. Didn't you just say this war is because he was trash talking? You can't declare war on an alliance because someone was trash talking in it and then not destroy the one dude you claimed was trash talking.
  4. Rest in peace and condolences to all who knew him
  5. http://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=14361
  6. Optional Defense Pact Preamble Supernova X and SCOTLAND confirm their friendship and collective defense, and hereby enter into this Optional Defense Pact. Article I: Sovereignty The signatories will not interfere in the sovereignty, governance, or affairs of the other. Article II: Non-Aggression The signatories will refrain from all forms of aggression against the other, including espionage, spying, and war. Transgressors will be held accountable. Article III: Intelligence Intelligence which pertains to the safety or stability of the either alliance will be shared between signatories. Article IV: Aid & Financial Transactions The signatories are encouraged, but not obligated, to engage in financial transactions for their mutual benefit, including foreign aid, buying and selling of technology, and resource trades. Article V: Optional Defense If one signatory comes under assault from a hostile nation or alliance, it may request diplomatic and military assistance from the other. Military assistance is optional and may include foreign aid, spy operations, and use of military force. Article VI: Cancellation This Pact may be cancelled, with or without cause, by either signatory with 48 hours written notice. Signed for Supernova X, Immortan Junka- Emperor of Mankind Galerion- Hand of The Emperor LeicaBoss- Master of The Administratum Anadaric- Death Knight of The Imperium Signed for SCOTLAND, St Mungo- Laird Adrienne42- Chief of Defence
  7. As a question, can I know where the numbers of SNX nations deserting are coming from? I haven't been looking in our alliance stats recently but we seem to not have lost any accepted members and we seem to have more pending nations then ever before... I'm actually genuinely curious.
  8. Can I request for readers' sakes we move to one thread and post ALL of this debatish stuff there? Its quite difficult to go through 3 or 4 topics to figure out what one post is referring to.. Its like a spider web.
  9. You have spent a lot of time recently to convince us to rise and rebel against Junka. I'm still not far back enough in studying cn history to know if what you state about him is true or not but you call him out for inspiring disloyalty while trying to convince the SNX to overthrow him.
  10. Would your alliance overthrow you? No? That's something both alliances have in common, we're loyal to our leaders.
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