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  1. I really want to hit 50k land destroyed, and at least 20k tech destroyed. Not sure if enough of that exists outside of Rome, but a man can dream.
  2. Roman Milestone Ladies, Romans, Onlookers, lend me your ears; I would like to take the time to thank the many people who made this achievement possible. That includes every RE member, as well as every person that stood in our way. Over One-hundred-thousand infrastructure destroyed. With only fifteen thousand lost. That's a sixfold return on our investment. I took some time to interview a few of our *friends* who helped us with this milestone. This is what they had to say about RE: I also took the time to ask our esteemed leader of he had anything t
  3. We have (right now) 4 The Emporer's of Rome, only one of whom is our Emperor. Please proof read before offering unsolicited advice. Thank you for your concern. In the end we all know who's #1.
  4. Crossing the Rhine So Rome has crossed the Rhine and raided 2 nations who were above the 30,000 NS mark, which we decided after some serious discussion, very serious policy discussions mind you, in our Roman Forum, on our discord. Our Roman discord forum. For the policy discussions. Where we discuss policy. We hit Al Bundy & Complex. Knocked them down pretty good. Hope that'll be fun. We're celebrating crossing half a million NS. Stats provided. Also look at those nuclear weapon numbers. I haven't even bought today. Did I mention
  5. Roman Imperial Declaration Rome's borders must expand. The treasury demands tribute. The barbarian's must be put down. Civilization must be constructed. Rome declares war on Ordo Paradoxia, for the crime of sitting around, doing nothing, trying to get giant back collects, and not fighting in a fighting game. The rest of our declaration is not as logical; but what is more noble than wanting to fight in a fighting game? NLON, Fellowship, and other assorted friends are being attacked as well. These are less a war than large scale raids since we can not engage a
  6. We all knew it. We all wanted it. We all smelt it. This is where I would put a speech. If I was allowed to give one. For now just look forward to me doing DoW's again. Let the salt flow. My doctor doesn't need to know. Consul of RE 2021 -the bird, kiwi
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