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  1. Wish we actually had this thread. +10 points to author.
  2. How do you make up the reserves parts for the war? TOP/IRON side only seems to have people who made a DoS listed there, while there are some more allies both alliances have. And Polar's side has RIA and Fark missing in the ..... oh right never mind them. So what's up with TOP/IRON's reserves?
  3. [quote name='Great Lord Moth' timestamp='1317211747' post='2810214'] A whole lot of nothing or a whole little nothing is still nothing. Moving on! I think a few Maroon alliances have an announcement to make that they're not making. [/quote] SPAM has something to say?
  4. Hahaha, this was a nice read. But if we're talking about feudal agreement, shouldn't the lord offer protection to his vassals? I mean that it wouldn't be on optional bases?
  5. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1303950732' post='2700721'] [b]Biggest Gainer[/b] [color=red][b]New Pacific Order[/b][/color] [color=green](+0.13)[/color] [/quote] .... Seriously, what happened there
  6. Never have, never will. Got to keep some dignity
  7. Looks great. Death's work again?
  8. It would be a god damn time for euros to have some of their own power. Although the carriers are small, they ought to be able to pull together and take care of their own back yard.
  9. Why has RIA's pip replaced Polar's? Polar is sanctioned and MK is not :-/
  10. [quote name='Avakael' timestamp='1293351312' post='2554264'] Assuming NEW gets ignored for all the ghosts they've gained, for how many days in a row has the NPO won the biggest gainer title? [/quote] If we'd ignore NEW, then 3 times. With out ignoring NEW 2 times. No biggie. Although it's been like a 1 point in 3 days. /me like.
  11. alyster

    Place your bets

    Although smonty is in 1vs6 fight, lulpenkala will star crying anyway
  12. Does LoSS and iFOK consult each other on how much they plan to grow daily?
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