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  1. For shame. Besides Bagel it's not up to you alone. No such vote was held. To end Cybernations and TOP with this note - to kick Lolil whoever now - just ruins it.
  2. Umbrella seems to be active. I wanted to send them some tech because berbers promised to war everyong who techdeal with Umbrella. But the first 3 nations I clicked on had full slots. TOP's using 9 slot per 26 people
  3. DoW when Stellaris and HoI4 game out? U mad?
  4. I'm just sad that Planet Bob will end its' existance before TPF has any chance to get revenge. At least due to Pacifica you know perfectly well how to dish out damage in a losing war. Go get 'em.
  5. Distasetful isn't the act of preempting your best ally you ever had and dropped few months ago for totally legit reasons (no irony). Distasetful is your e-laweyering and lack of ability to suck it up and say "yeah it sucks but hey at least we got decent fighters as oponents".
  6. It's NPO mate. What government says is the free will and opinion of the Body Republic. Goverment running at 105% approval rate.
  7. If my count is correct then Sparta was part of XX for nearly 4 years where they fought 3 losing and 2 victorious wars as part of the bloc. Who ever blames them for runnign away after every single defeat or bandwagoning to a winning side should get a reality check. That said I wish best of luck to all sides.
  8. I'm glad to see XX getting peace. Best of luck on rebuilding to all.
  9. Well fought MI6. Best of luck on rebuilding.
  10. Compulsory best of luck to all sides. But how many "treaties and other agreements" did you have to word it like that?
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