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  1. Celebration! Who bones are we kicking/shifting around? I call Ghosts spine. Someone help me findeth it?
  2. The alliance, not the members. But that was entirely based on their actual in game threat. These days, I don't much care since they've pulled their !@#$ together. In fact, as of today I don't care at all. You and Junka can share a dick for all I care. Goodbye. You will never be a real member Oculus. o/
  3. I sure as $%&@ did not, that you are correct. It's not a matter of being asked, but a matter of being informed. I'm entirely with my (unnamed IRON comrade) on this !@#$. You sir are a self entitled !@#$% and making you our Oculus ally was just a huge mistake. So I will follow suit. I'm done with this.
  4. I mean who the actual $%&@ even invited you to the big kids table to start with? I've personally been told that this will will not stop until he leaves Bob. You suck at this. And I find you completely ignorant. Doesn't stop them from trying. Oh $%&@ you, sir, on a personal level. Like really, $%&@ you. You might as well just stop now since you clearly have no respect for this world. And it won't be any thanks to you. Oh god I think it's missing something!!...
  5. I'm not assuming desires. I've heard enough of them personally. And I'm not trying to paint a broad brush. Some of his enemies and others who dislike him are reasonable and do not necessarily desire to see him leave. But for others, that is exactly their sole intention. ^Example. As for Junkas mouth, I've tried as much as many others to convince him to chill for his own sake. But I also find it a bit absurd and no coincidence that now of all times, the big mouth he's had forever is now somehow a huge problem.
  6. Like who? Take a shower? No, I would like an essay, pls.
  7. Umno. The people I'm addressing in this forum should know my point quite well by now as I've expressed it quite clearly through other channels. I mean it's all over Discord and now it's here. The aim of this whole shebang, not just this particular war, but this "Jihad" on Junka in general is not just some casual rolling with a CB and terms. It's an attempt to drive one of Bobs most active nations from this world entirely and permanently. Let's not pussy foot around about that. Few of said people will actually admit it, and are probably checking themselves since I've been throwing this ou
  8. You realize you guys are like this? Not sure how to explain it any more clearly. Ever seen me in here before backing Junka when he's being rolled?... Probably because IDC about Junka being rolled. But still, you'll all continue to be this:
  9. You're straight up one of the dumbest people Bob has to offer. I mean you're not quite on the DoorNail level, but you're certainly no SOM or Samus. So that's almost a compliment coming from you.
  10. No, he's not absolutely right. You think I've missed something and I think I didn't need to see it to begin with. I've seen plenty, given how much we've spoken. You still seem to be missing the point, where I'm not defending him because I like him. In fact, again, and I'll slightly reword it this time for clarity.... I'm not so much defending Junka as I'm expressing opposition to his enemies. If you could see private convos from IRON, you'd know I fully acknowledge his rhetoric for what it is. It just doesn't have much effect on my opinion of what's going on here.
  11. Who said I had no problem with rolling TTK? I could go into much greater detail about that and this, but that is between me and my government. Not the for the OWF.
  12. Yes. I don't think any of you get it yet. IDC about Junka on a personal level. His rhetoric can irritate me as much as it does you. I would have unblocked him and Hime by now, but last I tried, the forums wouldn't let me unblock anyone. My motivation for somewhat defending Junka basically comes down to my own integrity and recognition of an unhealthy trend of hypocritical stupidity. I don't support Junka so much as I oppose his enemies, so to speak.
  13. I read them when I think they might be relevant. But mostly, I just avoid the IC sections. Pretty sure the vast majority of my posts are in the BR. e isn't particularly better there either. But unlike the rest of you, I try not to let him trigger me.
  14. ^Ahem^ Can't help I don't get notifications for Junka. I'd unblock him, but I can't.
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