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  1. https://cybernations.lyricalz.com/ Do people still use this site? Find it valuable? Wish it had anything you need to continue enjoying gameplay? I've been contemplating taking the site down as it's really old and outdated, but just wanted to hear thoughts
  2. Can tell you've been out of the loop for SO long. Don't know if you've ever fought at the top end. But infrastructure literally means nothing anymore, you fight in a war this level you're almost bound to lose all your infra, but we have so much money at this stage it's not even anything to be even be slightly concerned about.
  3. A lot of things in this game are a "myth" as you want to describe. And a lot of those myths are the norm we have all played this game with, useless argument imo
  4. You've been here a long time, you very well know what the idea of poaching or attempted poaching is, your ignorance is showing again RV. Don't understand how getting your nation - you've spent years building - rolled into the dirt for literally absolutely no gain whatsoever, don't get at all how that's "An ExCiTiNg OpPoRtUnItY" lmao, but each to their own. If I was to ever go rogue, there would have to be a higher purpose, not because of a temporary "LoL bOrEd" feeling
  5. Don't be blind to the facts please. You know very well the CURRENT IRON members he tried to poach, including myself. Literally his own words, "I present choices". Like I love Caustic, he's always been my guy from way early in our IRON-NG good days and I can see all he literally genuinely wanted to do was bring life back into CN, but realistically he went about it too wrong.
  6. it's the reality sadly, but if you want to stay in fairy land and make up things in your head be my guest. IRON members are free to leave if they want, it's not the best thing, but ultimately it's their choice. Caustic poached several members, and attempted to poach several more including myself, so I can bare witness to that.
  7. Caustic definitely brainwashed you too cause this post is too pathetic
  8. Surprising this coming from you. Really do have to admire Caustic's ability to brainwash people.
  9. I've been changing my mars wonder for years now just out of pure automation.. But taking a look today, I don't see the point? I don't see any increases in my collection and i'm spending 4mil every time I change it. Can someone explain this?
  10. I got to attack Sunny Side King, so i'm fulfilled enough
  11. OMG so sad to see you guys go, but I know you will always remember me and the love I had for you ❤️
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