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  1. Samus

    Mars Hotspot

    I've been changing my mars wonder for years now just out of pure automation.. But taking a look today, I don't see the point? I don't see any increases in my collection and i'm spending 4mil every time I change it. Can someone explain this?
  2. Coming to defend our friends in BN
  3. Samus

    A Farewell to Arms

    I got to attack Sunny Side King, so i'm fulfilled enough
  4. Samus

    A Farewell to Arms

    OMG so sad to see you guys go, but I know you will always remember me and the love I had for you ❤️
  5. Samus

    Official Surrender of Sparta

    We're not the ones forcing reps upon beaten down opponents or overriding an alliances membership conditions. EDIT: Actually I misread the terms completely. Didn't realise the reps were going back to Sparta's fighting nations. On review that's actually a good set of terms. Accept my apologies. Good war. Stay out of peace mode.
  6. Samus

    Official Surrender of Sparta

    Whatever happened to white peace? As much as I don't really like Sparta, NpO would've never been able to pull off something like this if Sparta wasn't so alienated today. Terms like this is why Karma v2 needs to happen.
  7. Samus

    Nation Login Not Secure

    lmao this isn't 2010. HTTPS is an essential in todays web standards. Extra server load? You mean that extreme delay of 22 milliseconds? Mismatched certificates? Huh? Extra dollars? in 2017 you can get HTTPS for FREE. All of my sites have it be default, here's a screeny from lyricalz admin needs to update the site to keep up to date with times.
  8. Samus

    Fun in the SUN

    not any for a few 250k+ NS nations tho
  9. Samus

    Carnivore is back

    yeah i'll do that soon
  10. Samus

    Carnivore is back

  11. Samus

    Carnivore is back

    So decided to stop being lazy and to just fix the site.. https://cybernations.lyricalz.com/ War & destruction data is back up, aid will be up in a few minutes.. Use the site to do what y'all normally used it for. Apart from normal aid/war data, you can also view stats on your alliances performance during the year, e.g here's IRONs: https://cybernations.lyricalz.com/index.php/alliance/war?alliance=Independent+Republic+Of+Orange+Nations&start=2016-01-02&end=2017-01-02
  12. Samus

    Record of top nations

    yeah data got deleted :/ have a backup on a seperate server I need to pull over when I find time! lol BONES did not have 13bil. The earliest values I have from our spy database is: 2016-05-04 $3,646,670,646.00 Army: 439, Navy: 679, Airforce: 1142, Intel: 635 Army XP Level: 164, Navy XP Level: 80, Airforce XP Level: 421, Intel XP Level: 92