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  1. Thank you Gopher! Have fun and merry Christmas!
  2. Long long overdue. One can research for suspect behavior of individual nations here: https://cybernations.lyricalz.com/aid If you cannot copy paste tables in excel, there are plenty of addons in chrome to copy paste tables in excel or Google sheets. Once in tables, you will be able to better organise and interpret data. Hoping moderation teams could share nation ids of multis, that would speed things up. Alternatively, one can out suspect I'd of receiving nation on that field and see the aid history and you may be able to spot past banned nations and AAs and correlate and report a suspicious behavior via that route.
  3. Long long ago before I phones, making sure your symbian phone browser is compatible with cn before buying
  4. tl;dr is same old same old same faces, old freinds now enemies, there are frenemies, old enemies are friends, people fighting over silly reasons and ranting over silly reasons using same old same old lines.
  5. Probably, anyway, bygones are bygones, and I'm not the one to give anyone any grief over it esp after many people keeping their faith in us.
  6. Good to know that LoSS hitting NG was more than just 'we just want to be on this side' crap which everyone was selling us. Can add this to the long list of BS in addition to our own mistakes on what all went wrong.
  7. This is a good post. You also have to add that while both sides will play the same game, the costs for playing vary for the side.
  8. Might is right isn't a problem but it is how every alliance has operated while being part of winning war.
  9. Pro tip: Send Abbas to diplorush Rush . He's the first MI6 diplo who actually managed to criss cross the troll rich history between IRON and MI6.
  10. Yes, when we realized we were asked to do the heavy lifting for others while they sat with comfortable odds and where a leading coalition partner was caught saying wanting us dead around the same time. When those coverages were changed without consulting us (we were present during those days), that was our first hint on the designs to screw us. Our relations with NG and NPO were not good at the time for myriad of reasons. You and friends saw that and took your opportunity, I don't blame you for it at all. We've sorted all that out now and realized we have chances to create better opportunities for us working together. TLR wasn't the alliance IRON was originally supposed to fight. They were supposed to fight GATO but threw a fit over the prospect of fighting GATO's upper tier. TLR was a compromise that IRON chose and insisted upon. It wasnt TLR, nor GATO, it was ODN, we did'nt go on that becase INT, who was allied requested not to and to keep that on the low because it'd piss the rest of you off. We were being $%&@ed anyway, why screw INT. GATO's top tier? GATO's top tier was in peace mode more than anyone in CnG, their top tier was'nt a threat, and it wasnt gonna be coming out to fight, because that was the sensible thing to do for them. Everyone and their grand mothers knew that. LoSS was rushed in because they were concerned they would end up getting pulled in by the otherside. The decision to put them on NG was made spur of the moment by people who had little to do with the macro-management of the coalition itself. You expect anyone to really believe that? People knew the situation around IRON and NG was sensitive and people were very very aware of it, hindsight 20/20, trying to be transparent with all was'nt really the best of ideas, I think it should honestly depend on the kind of people you're dealing with. Furthermore, we were told it was a genuine tie and there was a genuine error in us not being informed of the ghost treaty. What's even more interesting, we were weren't told of it after it was dropped post war, found out on the off-the-hand comment a few months later ;-), but that's a discussion for other medium and nothing that we fussed over, bygones are bygones. Point being the gap between your version and the other version further adds credibility to screw IRON by design. The LoSS episode screwed us internally, while we were able to keep momentum going on the fronts we were on, the fronts we won and closed which you conveniently forget. Tho, it limited our ability to do anything else and frankly, by that time, we should'nt have been doing anything else for that !@#$ of a coalition. If it werent for us imploding internally from top to bottom, a hit on TLR probably would not have occurred. You would not find a man more happier than myself when LoSS imploded into nothing and NG taking the cake on it, poetic. It was a !@#$ piece of alliance known to jump ships on the eve. Yyou had one/two liner token statement of protest when TLR was being hit as opposed to leading the rants and threats regarding the prospect of TOP hit. You were fine with your ally getting hit by someone you weren't allied to and detested just like you're likely going to be absolutely fine this time around too. Regarding 90% of TLR in peace mode: Most of them were mid tier nations we hit and took to lo-tier, top tier NS of TLR was in peace mode before the hit and rightly so. You are using that tactic yourself IAT. If those lo-tiers was a problem, you'd throw in others to cover it, but you threw in a alliance that's mostly top heavy with very little mid and lo tier numbers. There were plenty of alliances that were sitting with alot of idle capacity, waiting to trigger the TIO/NATO front to screw RnR and IRON, could have used those. If TOP was so concerned, there were the 66% of your alliance that could have made a contribution too if they came out of peace mode. tl;dr, We made mistakes, you capitalized on it through chance, no problem, you had no reasons to keep our interests at heart, quite the opposite as your actions have suggested, but disregarding the design to screrw us as we learned about as the information leaked slowly post Disorder and denying that is really insulting the intelligence, not just of us, or our friends, but of also the people around you. Let's see if you guys manage to do more for some of your friends than we did for some of ours in Disorder.
  11. The last two pages have been wonderful (not taling about mi6), I'll explain why once I am done with the RL things-you-must-do-to-survive.
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