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  1. Good bye TOP, we were the best of freinds and unfortunately, the worst of enemies, (thanks to that lil !@#$ Centurius). Centurius, thank you for being the dumbest person to have ever led an opposition against us.
  2. Returning from dead to honor the memory of my good friend Chef Joe o/. Bless you o/ I was gonna attack some NG nations now, but then I see the nations in range are hitting the biggest stain ever to have existed on this planet called Osraven, yes, the stain that is even bigger than GATO. Anyways, your tears from being bamboozled, (unintentional and not what we hoped for, but truth be told, who gives a $%&@ now anyway) fills my heart with joy, farewell.
  3. The !@#$%^ alliance still existing. Atleast goons had the courtesy to disband and spare us all the sight of !@#$ that they were. You're even the color of !@#$.
  4. Liked how you got your side wrecked. tbh, was the last fun war of bob.
  5. Gopher, Thank you for everything o/
  6. Thank you Gopher! Have fun and merry Christmas!
  7. It would have been impressive if there were lower expectations from Mi6. I don't think anyone doubts the fighting capability.
  8. Long long overdue. One can research for suspect behavior of individual nations here: https://cybernations.lyricalz.com/aid If you cannot copy paste tables in excel, there are plenty of addons in chrome to copy paste tables in excel or Google sheets. Once in tables, you will be able to better organise and interpret data. Hoping moderation teams could share nation ids of multis, that would speed things up. Alternatively, one can out suspect I'd of receiving nation on that field and see the aid history and you may be able to spot past banned nations and AAs and correlate and report a suspici
  9. Dude, this was the latest data I had when I made the table (was several weeks ago). I am too lazy for cherry picking.
  10. Some insights into exploitation of new nations:
  11. The key difference is AI played a very significant role in EQ war and were amongst the top contributors in terms of war effort. SNX did absolutely nothing in their war, NPO lost like what..~3k tech?..Amazing isn't it. Given the size of thier pixels and the output of damage, its got to be one of the worst performances ever. Nobody say they were outnumbered, so was mi6, TOP, Polar,Sparta, Invicta etc and plenty others. That's the key difference between AI and SNX.
  12. Long long ago before I phones, making sure your symbian phone browser is compatible with cn before buying
  13. tl;dr is same old same old same faces, old freinds now enemies, there are frenemies, old enemies are friends, people fighting over silly reasons and ranting over silly reasons using same old same old lines.
  14. Probably, anyway, bygones are bygones, and I'm not the one to give anyone any grief over it esp after many people keeping their faith in us.
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