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  1. I didn't agree to this. You're making this up.
  2. What's with all the random new NPO nation's declaring wars and going inactive? Are they getting manga in exchange for it?
  3. hahahah these are great. I'd like to see some stuff from the other side though. So far all I've seen is them copy and paste our meme, kind of like how they copy and pasted our flag.
  4. How was I a PoS member? You and I never had any issues, until now I suppose.
  5. And here I thought you were above 1000 nations flexing on a micro. No wonder you stuck around when IRON council started backstabbing allies. Damn, y'all deleted the group PM Bay put y'all in when I left. I guess you forgot IRON values, or didn't want to be reminded you go against them.
  6. You're flexing on a micro that's been at war with the third largest alliance for months. I hope you realize this?
  7. He brainwashed MCRABT and Mia too. I left because iron was becoming less ballsy and more pixel huggy. Your reaction to a micro alliance fighting the third largest suggests I was correct in my protest. A long with the others that left. EDIT: + I felt IRON was being !@#$%* allies, I didn't want to be part of that, and it got worse. I was hoping it'd get corrected by Bay.
  8. How can anyone possibly enjoy a game where every alliance is allied to each other. I'm especialyl disappointed in IRON, NpO, and NPO. Oh how the mightyhave fallen. Maybe RON will plot against their allies again. Would make things interesting.
  9. Canik comes off as the kind of guy that's a flat earther, good thing for us he's an anti-vaccer too.
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