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  1. I honestly can't believe the site is still up.
  2. >"circa 2004" >game first established in 2006
  3. Poor word choice? It's pretty black and white, Holton. You were a spy. You got burned.
  4. Chimaera doesn't play anymore? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa..... !@#$%^&*. Who do you think you're fooling? Logs
  5. No need to be secretive. Make the call out, Holton. XD
  6. Unread? Don't kid yourself lol. MI6 has always been very well aware of the opinions of "the peanut gallery".
  7. Having seen the logs from #tacsal, this development is hilarious. Wave goodbye to the sinking ship everyone.
  8. Ooo we're getting philosophical now. That's a fun rabbit hole to go down.
  9. Having been MIA for the past... 3 or so months I think? ...This is all thoroughly amusing.
  10. Congrats on new gov and all that jazz. Good luck Ms, you'll need it. :v:
  11. Hey nice to see this go up. Hails and such! o/ Also obligatory flag pron:
  12. I am dating and living with a man I met playing this game, whom I met when the world still considered us kids. Too long should absolutely be an answer. :v:
  13. My days on Bob began in GPA, and I spent a little over a year in her emerald halls; naturally I have a soft spot in my heart for the Neutral Menace. I will always remember my time there fondly, and will always miss the friends I made and the fun times we had. Most of them no longer reside on Bob, but I know they're out there somewhere. I don't know how much time we all have left on Bob. It seems every day we lose more and more people to the abyss, so I'll take this moment to thank you, GPA, for laying the foundations of a crazy roller-coaster of a time here on Bob. Happy 10th. May you live to see the end of the world before the end of your historic and storied emerald halls.
  14. I have always wondered why this wasn't a given from the start. We have so much in common. I'm happy to see this finally go through.
  15. Excellent, I'm glad to see this finally get announced. We missed you guys. :wub:
  16. Thanks for all the stats you crunched over the years, Gopher. It's been one of the near constants in CN that I've always enjoyed checking up on, especially when the race was tight. Enjoy retirement, you deserve it. <3
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